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Virginia Crime Statistics 2023: Facts about Crime in Virginia reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top Virginia Crime Statistics 2023

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Virginia Crime “Latest” Statistics

  • In Virginia, burglaries account for barely 9% of all property crimes, compared to 16% nationwide.[1]
  • Virginia’s number of reported homicides increased from 428 to 528, which is an increase of 23.4%.[2]
  • 59% of Americans say that crime is an extremely severe or very serious problem in America.[3]
  • Bedford recorded 65% fewer property crimes year-over-year, which was the highest decrease in property crime rates.[1]
  • FBI statistics show that 1.3 million violent crimes were recorded in total in 2020, or 388 per 100,000 inhabitants, a 5% rise over 2019.[4]
  • Even as murders rose, the overall violent crime rate was down in 2020 in Virginia; according to the FBI, there was a 2.8% decrease, and VSP reported a 1.9% decrease.[3]
  • The property crime rate decreased by the most in three years, from 16.5 incidences per 1,000 persons to 14.6—a 12% increase over the previous year.[1]
  • The group of violent crimes in Virginia, which include rapes and murders, sexual assaults, robberies, and aggravated assaults, showed an overall increase of 7.1%.[5]
  • Although 37% of respondents indicated crime is increasing where they live, 70% of Americans feel crime is increasing nationwide.[3]
  • The FBI published figures on violent crime for 2020, and they showed a 5.6% spike over the prior year.[6]
  • Virginia sees a larger proportion of larceny thefts, comprising 82% of property crime, than most of the U.S. at 71%.[1]
  • The percentage of Virginians who feel secure in their state is 53%, slightly below the national average of 55%, despite increased everyday concerns about crime and safety.[1]
  • 77.4% of recorded bias-motivated crimes included violence, whether it be basic or violent, or property destruction, damage, or vandalism.[2]
  • The safest cities had a property crime rate of 13.0 occurrences per 1,000 people, which is 11% lower than the state average of 14.6.[1]
  • Violent crime crimes in Virginia decreased by 1.9% in 2020 compared to 2019.[2]
  • In Virginia, daily concern about safety and crime increased by 17 percentage points this survey year.[1]
  • Virginia is one of only five states where overall crime rates actually decreased by over 10%.[7]
  • In 2020, there were 190 hate crime incidents with 193 victims, which is a 27% increase over 2019.[2]
  • According to a 2020 crime report from the Virginia state police, the number of recorded killings in the state rose by 23.4% over the previous year.[8]
  • Virginia has recently seen a decline in property crime, yet 46% of poll respondents still fear it may happen to them.[1]

Virginia Crime “Other” Statistics

  • The 10,464 recorded burglaries and attempts in 2021 represented a 166% decrease from a decade earlier.[5]
  • Nearly all drug categories had a decline in reports of seizures, but marijuana saw the biggest drop (31.7%).[2]
  • The murder rate in Virginia increased by nearly 17% between 2019 and 2020.[3]
  • In Virginia, there was a 22% drop in rapes and a 16% drop in robberies.[3]
  • In Virginia in 2020, there were 524 homicides, a 23% increase over the 426 homicides that occurred in the state in 2019.[4]
  • The VSP crime report in Virginia indicates that the increase in murders was really 23% year over year.[3]

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How Useful is Virginia Crime

One could argue that Virginia crime serves no purpose other than to create fear, destruction, and devastation among innocent residents. It is undoubtedly true that crime in Virginia has tragic consequences that can ripple through families, neighborhoods, and even entire regions. The pain and suffering caused by criminal behavior cannot be understated and leave behind lasting scars that are difficult, if not impossible, to heal.

Indeed, the usefulness of Virginia crime is hard to identify against the backdrop of its harmful effects on society. Despite the narratives that sometimes glorify criminal lifestyles, glamorize anti-social behaviors, or view crime as a necessary evil, the reality is that crime in Virginia – as is the case anywhere – ultimately harms the fabric of society and leaves long-lasting consequences in its wake.

One may also argue that crime in Virginia serves as a stark reminder of the importance of law enforcement, rehabilitation, and prevention efforts. By addressing crime head-on and seeking to understand its root causes, Virginia can work toward building safer communities, reducing recidivism rates, and fostering opportunities for individuals to make positive contributions to society.

Moreover, the unfortunate truth is that the financial costs associated with Virginia crime are immense. Resources that could be allocated to improving schools, healthcare, infrastructure, and other critical areas are diverted to law enforcement, courts, and prisons as a result of criminal activities. This not only places a burden on taxpayers but also hinders Virginia’s ability to invest in the future and create a thriving, vibrant state for all residents.

It is essential to recognize that those who commit crimes in Virginia are often individuals who are grappling with their own personal struggles, whether they be poverty, substance abuse, mental health issues, or a lack of support systems. While this does not excuse criminal behavior, it does underscore the importance of addressing the underlying causes of crime in order to break the cycle of violence and create pathways to redemption and rehabilitation.

In conclusion, when reflecting on the usefulness of Virginia crime, it becomes apparent that its negative impacts far outweigh any perceived benefits. Rather than glorify or tolerate criminal activities, it is crucial for residents, policymakers, and community leaders to work together to address the root causes of crime, support at-risk individuals, and foster a culture of safety and accountability. Only by doing so can Virginia truly thrive and fulfill its potential as a state that values justice, compassion, and progress.


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