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Arizona is one of the states where a Limited Liability Company must publish a notice for a specific period of time as soon as the Arizona LLC is formed. To do so, the LLCs must follow some rules the State of Arizona set. In this article, you read about the Arizona publication requirements for an LLC. Read this guide to know the requirements in detail.

Arizona Publication Requirements

In Arizona, after filing the formation documents with the Arizona Secretary of State, every LLC has to publish a notice in the newspaper for a certain period of time. As the publication run ends, the LLC can start operating in the state. Here are the requirements for Arizona LLC publication,

Requirements – What to Do

  • Every LLC in Arizona has to publish the notice in the newspaper within 60 days of LLC formation.
  • This notice of LLC formation should be published for 3 weeks consecutively.
  • Newspapers LLCs would choose should be approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission.


Maricopa County and Pima County are two places where the publication requirement does not apply. There is no mandate in these two counties in Arizona to publish any notice of LLC formation. If your principal business address is anywhere in these two counties, you can easily skip this step while forming an LLC in Arizona.

What to Include in The Notice

The notice LLCs have to publish needs to have the following information,

  • LLC name
  • Name of the Arizona Registered Agent
  • Address of the Registered Agent
  • Address of the LLC (if it is different from the address of the registered agent)
  • Whether it is a manager-managed or member-managed LLC
  • If it is member-managed, then the name and address of all members. OR
  • If it is manager-managed, then the name and address of the manager(s).

Approved Newspapers

As mentioned above, LLCs should choose a newspaper that is approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission. You can download the PDF mentioned below, where you will find the list of approved newspapers in each county in Arizona. Choose accordingly to publish your notice of LLC formation.

Cost of Publication in Arizona

The cost of publication varies depending on the newspaper you are selecting. The cost can start from $30 and go up to $300. Generally, newspapers charge per line, sometimes per inch, and sometimes change a flat rate for any notice. It is recommended to select a newspaper that charges a flat rate. Some of the newspapers charge a minimum of $1.50 per line. In that case, the cost might be less than $10.

If you want to hire a professional service for your LLC formation, you might get this service at a lesser price. You can explore the best LLC services to know about the professionals.

Effect of Non-compliance

In Arizona, unlike many other states, the publication of LLC formation is a mandatory requirement. If you fail to comply, your LLC will be terminated as soon as the extended period is over. An LLC in Arizona gets 60 days of time to do the needful after forming the LLC. If you fail to do that within 60 days, Arizona Corporation Commission sends you a letter permitting 30 more days to meet the requirements. If you cannot do the needful even after an extended 30 days, the commission will terminate the LLC immediately.

Pima County and Maricopa County do not have this rule. Hence, LLCs formed in these counties are exempted from this commission rule.

After the Publication of LLC Formation

Once the publication for three weeks is done, the LLC will receive an Affidavit of Publication from the newspaper it has chosen. At the same time, another copy of the Affidavit will be sent to the Arizona Corporation Commission by the newspaper. This Affidavit is an important document to prove that LLCs have complied with the Publication requirements.

Previously, the Affidavit was supposed to be filed with the Arizona Secretary of State. But now the rule is waived off. There is no strict requirement to file the Affidavit.


What is an LLC publication in Arizona?

In Arizona, all the LLCs (excluding the ones formed in Maricopa and Pima counties) have to publish a notice of LLC formation in a state-approved newspaper. It should run for 3 weeks consecutively. This is a mandatory requirement for all the LLCs that are formed in the state of Arizona.

When does LLC in Arizona have to publish the notice?

Within 60 days of the formation, LLCs have to go for publication. If they fail to comply, they will get another 30 days extension to get it done, or else, the LLC will be terminated.

How much does it cost to publish of LLC formation notice in Arizona?

The publication cost depends on the newspaper LLC is selecting. The cost varies from $30 to $300 on average.

Why Arizona Publication Requirements is So Important

To begin with, Publication Requirements guarantee that critical information regarding public meetings, zoning changes, construction projects, and other developments is readily accessible to the public. By mandating that such notices be published in local newspapers or on official government websites, the state ensures that citizens are aware of decisions that may impact their neighborhoods, property values, or quality of life. This transparency is fundamental to a democratic society and empowers individuals to participate in the decision-making processes that affect their daily lives.

Moreover, Publication Requirements serve as a safeguard against potential abuses of power or corruption within government bodies. By stipulating that certain information must be made public, the state creates a system of oversight that reduces the likelihood of underhanded dealings or secret agreements. When citizens have access to the same information as their elected representatives, they can hold officials accountable for their actions and demand transparency in all government dealings. This scrutiny not only promotes honesty and integrity but also acts as a deterrent against malfeasance.

In addition, Publication Requirements help to counteract the spread of misinformation or false narratives that can undermine public trust in government institutions. By establishing a standardized method for disseminating official notices and legal advertisements, Arizona ensures that citizens receive accurate and timely information from reputable sources. This in turn minimizes the influence of rumor and speculation, fostering a more informed and engaged public that can distinguish between fact and fiction. By promoting a shared understanding of government actions and policies, Publication Requirements contribute to a more cohesive and knowledgeable citizenry.

Furthermore, Publication Requirements play a vital role in supporting local journalism and the preservation of a free press in Arizona. By mandating that public notices and legal advertisements be published in newspapers, the state helps to sustain a vital source of revenue for local media outlets. This revenue, in turn, supports the work of journalists and reporters who play a crucial role in holding government accountable and informing the public. Without this economic support, many local newspapers would struggle to survive, jeopardizing the availability of independent reporting and investigative journalism in the state.

In conclusion, Publication Requirements in Arizona are crucial for maintaining open, transparent, and accountable government operations. By ensuring that critical information is widely disseminated, these mandates empower citizens to participate in the democratic process, prevent corruption and abuse of power, combat misinformation, and support a vibrant free press. Ultimately, these requirements serve as a cornerstone of democracy and play a key role in upholding the principles of fairness, honesty, and integrity in government.

In Conclusion

As soon as your formation process is done, the publication must be done too. Else, you can lose your LLC in Arizona. It is recommended that you hire an LLC service provider to take care of all these things for you. If you have any questions do let us know by commenting below. We appreciate your suggestions and feedback.

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