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Bid Management Statistics 2023: Facts about Bid Management outlines the context of what’s happening in the tech world.

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Top Bid Management Statistics 2023

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Bid Management “Latest” Statistics

  • Top-performing firms submit 49% of their bids using an online portal.[1]
  • Small to medium businesses the firms with less than 500 workers win just 38% of bids overall.[1]
  • The majority of RFP indicators are the number of bids won (57%), followed by the number of bids filed (48%).[1]
  • Top-performing teams submit more RFP answers each year and win more than 50% of the RFPs they bid on.[1]
  • A company doesn’t need to modify its bid if its campaign gets 80% of its conversions and clicks from mobile devices.[2]
  • Getting subcontractors to react to invitations to bid was listed as their top problem by 20% of those who responded to the study.[3]
  • 24% of individuals spend 5 hours or more sending out their first round of project bid invites.[3]
  • 86% of general contractors could reduce the time it took to submit their initial bid to two hours or less by using a program like SmartBid.[3]
  • A poll found that when asked to react to an offer utilizing a construction bidding software that makes it as simple as choosing yes or no, subcontractors are 14% more likely to do so.[3]
  • 45% of those questioned said that they had to make several follow-up calls in order to acquire replies from subcontractors without construction bidding software to aid the preconstruction process.[3]
  • When general contractors do not use construction bidding software like SmartBid, 53% of them reported spending at least 3 hours sending out only the first offer.[3]
  • With regard to their bid management process, 24% of the general contractors questioned cited bid coverage as their main problem.[3]

Bid Management “Other” Statistics

  • 48% of the RFPs that enterprise organizations with 5,001 to 10,000 workers engage in are successful.[1]
  • Enterprise organizations are by far the second most likely to utilize bid management, at 67%, and small midsize enterprises are third, at 58%.[1]
  • 57% of businesses think they’ll reply to more RFPs in 2022, which is more than half of all organizations.[1]
  • Advertising, media, and telecommunications earn 46% of their income through RFPs, while manufacturing, supply chain, construction, and retail each produce 40%.[1]
  • Managers are 11% happier with their team’s success rate in winning strong proposals.[1]
  • Only 17% of a buyer’s time, according to the main takeaways report from Gartner’s CEB Sales and Marketing Summit, is spent meeting with prospective suppliers.[4]
  • More than 88% of proposal professionals have experienced a mental health issue connected to their employment, according to a study done by Strategic Proposals.[4]
  • According to the 2019 Deloitte Global CPO study, just 32% of suppliers are digitally capable.[4]
  • Due to missing deadlines, 15% of sales-driven projects were abandoned.[5]

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How Useful is Bid Management

One of the primary benefits of bid management is its ability to automate the bidding process, which can save time and resources for businesses of all sizes. By using sophisticated algorithms and data analysis, bid management software can ensure that bids are placed at the right time, in the right place, and at the right price. This can result in higher conversions and a better return on investment for advertisers.

Another key advantage of bid management is its ability to provide real-time insights and optimizations. By monitoring campaign performance and making adjustments on the fly, bid management can help advertisers stay ahead of the curve and maximize their advertising dollars. This agility is particularly crucial in fast-paced industries where trends can change quickly, such as e-commerce or technology.

Furthermore, bid management can also help businesses scale their advertising efforts efficiently. With the ability to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously and adjust bids based on performance, advertisers can reach a larger audience and expand their market reach without increasing their workload significantly. This scalability is essential for businesses looking to grow their customer base and drive revenue.

Despite these benefits, bid management is not without its challenges. One of the main concerns with bid management is the potential for over-reliance on automation. While bid management software can make the bidding process more efficient, it is essential to remember that human oversight and strategy are still essential for success. Advertisers must strike a balance between automation and human input to ensure that their campaigns are effective and aligned with their business goals.

Additionally, bid management can be complex and requires a certain level of expertise to use effectively. Advertisers must understand the nuances of bidding strategies, campaign optimization, and audience targeting to get the most out of their bid management efforts. This knowledge can be a barrier for smaller businesses or those lacking resources or experience in digital marketing.

In conclusion, bid management is a valuable tool for advertisers looking to optimize their digital campaigns and reach their target audience effectively. It offers benefits such as automation, real-time insights, and scalability, which can help businesses drive conversions and maximize their advertising budgets. However, bid management is not a silver bullet and requires a thoughtful approach to ensure success. Advertisers must strike a balance between automation and human input and invest in the necessary expertise to leverage bid management effectively. Ultimately, bid management is a useful tool in the digital advertising toolbox, but it is only as good as the strategy behind it.


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