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Delaware Bar Exam Statistics 2023: Facts about Bar Exam in Delaware reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top Delaware Bar Exam Statistics 2023

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Delaware Bar Exam “Latest” Statistics

  • With a passing percentage of 66.5%, 277 candidates passed Delaware’s first-ever remote bar exam this year, a significant improvement over the previous test.[1]
  • According to Superior Court Rule 304(f), each candidate must pass the written bar examination with a minimum combined score of 70% or higher on the MBE and essay sections, and a minimum scaled score of 75 on the MPRE in order to pass.[2]
  • Now, Louisiana’s pass percentage in 2016 was about 65%, thus based only on numbers, it is not considered to be one of the toughest bar tests. However, Delaware had a reasonable pass rate of 66% in 2016, but of note is that only 69% of first-time takers passed.[3]
  • However, when looking at the numbers more closely, the ABA reports that just 63.2% of the 82 members of the class of 2017 and another 25 graduates who took the bar test for the first-time in 2017 passed.[4]
  • According to ABA accreditation guidelines, at least 75% of Law school graduates who take the bar test within two years after graduation must pass it.[5]
  • Delaware Law Ranks 160 in terms of bar passage rate among first-time test takers (66.0%), and it underperforms by -13.6% the state of Pennsylvania’s overall bar passage rate of 79.6% .[6]
  • ”Delaware Law Schools ‘ultimate bar pass rate’ the standard the ABA uses for accreditation, was 89% for 2017, the most recent year for which reports are complete”. Rodney A. Smolla, Dean and Professor of Law at Delaware Law, stated.[4]
  • The ABA currently mandates that within two years of graduation, 75% of law school graduates must pass the bar test.[4]
  • Compared to the national average of 79.56% , 54.6% of the class of 2019 passed the bar exam on their first attempt.[4]
  • Delaware does not administer a February bar exam. For July 2021 Bar Exam, 227 out of 416 bar examinees passed, with a 66.7 overall pass rate.[2]
  • The Delaware bar exam pass rates range between 62% and 73% for total takers, 69% and 80% for first-time takers, and 35% and 52% for repeat takers.[7]
  • In the July 2022 Delaware bar exam, the total pass percentage was 53% with first time pass rate of 64% and repeater pass rate of 27%. The results were released last October 6, 2022.[7]
  • In the July 2021 Delaware bar pass rate, the first timer pass percentage was 71.23% while the repeater pass percentage was 41.54%.[4]
  • The NCBE converted state scales to one connected to the multistate bar exam, which almost every U.S. jurisdiction includes in its test. This scale historically showed Delaware with the highest cut score, followed by California.[8]

Delaware Bar Exam “Examination” Statistics

  • This year, 66.5% of candidates received a passing mark, which is higher than the 62.5% average for the six previous examination administrations.[7]

Delaware Bar Exam “Exam” Statistics

  • Of the 94 students who graduated from Delaware Law in 2017, 82 passed the exam within two years, an 89.13% rate that’s 34 basis points below the 89.47% rate of all 29,490 members of the Class of 2017 who passed.[4]
  • The essay portion of the Delaware Bar Exam determines 60% of an applicant’s final grade. The remaining 40% of the score reflects the results of the multi-state exam.[6]

Delaware Bar Exam “Test” Statistics

  • The Delaware weighs the test by using 40% of the MBE and 60% of the written test portion.[7]
  • In comparison to neighboring-state law schools, which reported rates ranging from 66.35% (Drexel) to 96.67% (Penn), Delaware Law’s (63.2%) rate for first time test takers from the class of 2017 came in last.[4]
  • With regard to all of our test takers, including first-timers, our objective is to reach a pass rate of 100% .[4]

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How Useful is Delaware Bar Exam

One argument in favor of the Delaware Bar Exam is that it ensures a high standard of competence among attorneys admitted to practice in the state. By requiring aspiring lawyers to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of Delaware law and legal procedures, the exam serves as a gatekeeper, allowing only the most qualified individuals to practice law in the state. This helps to protect the interests of clients and the integrity of the legal profession.

Additionally, the Delaware Bar Exam serves as a valuable learning experience for aspiring lawyers, testing their ability to analyze legal issues, apply legal principles, and effectively communicate their reasoning. By preparing for and taking the exam, candidates develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are essential for success in the legal profession.

However, critics of the Delaware Bar Exam argue that its focus on traditional legal principles and procedures may not fully prepare lawyers for the diverse and complex legal challenges of today’s world. In an era of rapid technological and social change, the ability to adapt to new ways of practicing law and navigate emerging legal issues is becoming increasingly important. Some argue that the Delaware Bar Exam does not adequately test these skills, potentially leaving newly admitted attorneys ill-equipped to serve their clients effectively.

Furthermore, the time and financial investment required to prepare for and take the Delaware Bar Exam can be significant, especially for aspiring attorneys who have already completed law school and may be facing student loan debt. This can create a barrier to entry for individuals from economically disadvantaged backgrounds or underrepresented communities, limiting diversity within the legal profession.

Another criticism of the Delaware Bar Exam is that it may disproportionately advantage candidates who have the resources to access specialized bar exam preparation courses and materials. This may skew the playing field in favor of candidates who can afford to invest in expensive study aids, disadvantaging those who cannot.

In conclusion, while the Delaware Bar Exam serves important functions in ensuring a high level of competence among attorneys admitted to practice in the state and providing a valuable learning experience for aspiring lawyers, there are valid concerns about its ability to fully prepare attorneys for the challenges of today’s legal landscape. As the legal profession continues to evolve, it is important to consider whether the exam adequately tests the skills and knowledge that lawyers need to effectively serve their clients and society.


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