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Top Identity Resolution Statistics 2023

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Identity Resolution “Latest” Statistics

  • NBC Universal reduced costs by up to 40% over the traditional system by using Neptune to tailor content experiences for its consumers.[1]
  • According to Identity Resolution Summary, consolidation rate is 20% if ingested a 100 source records and produce 80 unified profiles.[2]
  • U.S. marketers are expected to spend $2.6 billion on identity resolution programs by 2022, as stated by Martech.[3]
  • A survey of 259 marketers conducted by Phronesis Partners on behalf of Epsilon found 80% reported being “very” or “moderately” reliant on third-party cookies, while fewer than half of those surveyed (46%) feel “very prepared” for the upcoming changes.[3]
  • According to, 76% of customers want firms to understand the requirements, 51% of respondents to salesforce claim that source.[4]
  • Google found that 90% of web users move between devices to complete a task.[4]
  • Cobb EMC raised open rates from 34% to 56.7% and clickthrough rates as high as 9% by adjusting their message and moving away from a one-size-fits.[5]
  • US programmatic display ad spending will top $123 billion by the end of 2022 and reach nearly $142 billion in 2023.[6]

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How Useful is Identity Resolution

One of the primary benefits of identity resolution is its ability to break down data silos and provide a holistic view of the customer journey. Instead of seeing customers as separate entities interacting with various touchpoints independently, organizations can now stitch together different interactions to create a comprehensive profile of each individual. This unified view allows businesses to enhance their understanding of customer behaviors, preferences, and intent, enabling them to tailor their offerings and communications to better meet individual needs.

Not only does identity resolution drive more personalized customer experiences, but it also enables organizations to streamline their operations and increase efficiency. By having a single, centralized view of each customer, businesses can eliminate duplicates, reduce inaccuracies, and ensure data consistency across departments. This not only saves time and resources but also empowers organizations to make more informed decisions and drive better business outcomes.

Moreover, identity resolution plays a crucial role in enhancing marketing effectiveness. With a complete and accurate view of their customers, organizations can create targeted campaigns that resonate with specific segments of their audience. By delivering the right message to the right person at the right time, businesses can increase customer engagement, drive conversions, and ultimately boost their return on investment.

Identity resolution also proves to be invaluable in driving omnichannel strategies. In today’s multi-device, multi-channel environment, customers expect seamless and personalized experiences across all touchpoints. By accurately identifying individuals across different devices and channels, organizations can deliver consistent messaging and experiences that make customers feel understood and valued.

Furthermore, identity resolution plays a critical role in addressing privacy concerns and regulatory requirements. With the increasing focus on data privacy and security, organizations are under pressure to ensure that they handle customer information responsibly and transparently. By accurately resolving identities and managing customer data ethically, businesses can build trust with their customers and demonstrate their commitment to data protection.

In conclusion, identity resolution is a powerful tool that enables organizations to create a unified view of their customers, drive personalized experiences, optimize marketing efforts, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure data privacy and security. By utilizing identity resolution effectively, businesses can gain a competitive edge, build stronger relationships with their customers, and achieve sustainable growth in an increasingly complex and competitive market.


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