Louisiana LLC Operating Agreements

A Louisiana llc operating agreement establishes the company’s management, ownership, and capital contributions, as well as other matters relating to the business. The document is held by each member of the company and is not filed with the Secretary of State. There are two basic forms of an llc operating agreement. The Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement is used by companies with more than one member, and the Single-Member LLC Operating Agreement is used by sole proprietors.

LLC Operating Agreement Louisiana

LLC Operating Agreement Louisiana

Articles of Organization

You can create an llc in Louisiana by filing the articles of organization. These are important documents that set out the basic information about the business and the people involved in the operation. They establish the governance of the company and the guidelines for working capital and profits. The Operating Agreement also addresses issues of money, liability, and fiduciary responsibility. Before filing your operating agreement, you should consult with an attorney. While the articles of organization are usually free to download, they are necessary to create a legal business entity in Louisiana.

The articles of organization in Louisiana are composed of two parts: the first is the legal name of the company and the second is the llc operating agreement. The louisiana llc operating agreement must state the purposes of the LLC, which must be clearly defined in the Articles. If your company will be operating in a professional license industry, make sure to include language from the Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Survey Board. Regardless of the type of business, the Louisiana llc operating agreement will establish how the members will share ownership and other important aspects.

The Louisiana Secretary of State requires all LLCs to file their Articles of Organization and Initial Report. You can file the documents online or in person. You will also need an IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN) if you intend to file your LLC under the Louisiana Secretary of State. If you file your LLC through the state’s website, make sure to include it in your filing. When you file, you will have to pay a fee to expedite the processing time.


If you are thinking of starting your own business, you may want to consider filing articles of organization with the state and establishing internal ground rules. In addition to the ground rules, you may want to consider filing an operating agreement as part of your overall business plan. llc operating agreements are essential to the smooth running of your business and will help to ensure that all members understand their roles and responsibilities. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a Louisiana operating agreement:

While you may not think of this as a legal requirement, it is still crucial to have an LLC operating agreement. In fact, most states require that all business entities incorporate. Bypassing the incorporation process is not penalized in Louisiana. But you should still read the operating agreement carefully before signing it. If you’re going to ignore the rules and regulations, you may run into bigger legal problems down the road.

Unlike a partnership agreement, an LLC operating contract protects your business against mismanagement and leadership choices that don’t reflect the core principles of the company. Think of the Operating Agreement as a bill of rights for your business. It provides clarity and sovereignty to the members. By defining the roles and responsibilities of each member, it also protects your company’s limited liability status. This is the reason why many lenders and potential partners will require a signed operating agreement before opening a bank account.


While an LLC operating agreement in Louisiana isn’t required, it can help your business stay in good standing by defining the roles and responsibilities of the LLC’s managers and representatives. It can also help preserve the LLC’s limited liability status by demonstrating that the LLC is separate from any other corporate entity. Operating agreements are not legal advice, and their use does not create an attorney-client relationship. Read on to learn more about the benefits of LLC operating agreements in Louisiana.

First, an LLC operating agreement will allow you to designate the split of ownership and outline procedures for changes in members and dissolution. It will also allow you to avoid the Louisiana default rules, which establish baseline procedures for LLCs without an operating agreement. Furthermore, a properly-drafted LLC operating agreement will give your business greater respect from courts. So, if you’re thinking of setting up an LLC in Louisiana, now’s the time to start thinking about the benefits of an operating agreement.

Secondly, you must choose a name for your LLC. A company name must be distinctive from other types of business entities. In Louisiana, you can check whether a name is available by filling out an online form or by submitting a paper version. In Louisiana, LLC operating agreements must be signed by all owners. Finally, you must file your Annual Report every year. Luckily, filing an LLC annual report is a simple process that you can do yourself!

Capital Contributions

Your louisiana llc Operating Agreement must specify what you can and cannot do as an owner. It can include details about the governance and affairs of the business. You can set rules about who gets to vote, how new members are inducted, and how to handle mergers and future partnerships. It should also specify what you expect from the LLC if the company dissolves. This document will serve as a reference for the internal management of the business.

When you create a new LLC, owners typically contribute property, cash, or services. Then, in return for their capital contributions, these members expect a certain percentage of the LLC’s assets. This ownership percentage is commonly set in the operating agreement. For example, if each owner owns 35 percent of the LLC, he/she should have a say in what happens to the business.

What exactly is a Capital Contribution? A capital contribution is an initial investment made by a member into an LLC. This initial investment serves as the tax basis of each member. In Louisiana, this initial capital contribution must be documented in the LLC operating agreement. Otherwise, it is difficult for potential investors to decide whether or not to invest in the business. So, in order to establish a tax basis, the capital contribution must be documented.

Voting Rights

As a louisiana llc, you have many different rights. The Louisiana LLC Law gives your members maximum contract freedom. It also allows you to divide ownership of your company among the members, creating voting classes and non-voting classes. You can allocate the profits and losses among all members of your LLC, so make sure that you outline how you intend to assign these shares of ownership. Then, use the operating agreement to set forth how you intend to allocate these shares of ownership.

Having an LLC Operating Agreement in Louisiana is a key step toward securing your business against mismanagement and leadership decisions that may conflict with your core values. Think of it as a “bill of rights” for your business. It provides a clear and concise outline of how your LLC will be run, and it protects your limited liability status. In addition to protecting your business, lenders often require an LLC Operating Agreement before opening a business bank account. Potential partners and investors may also require an Operating Agreement when reviewing your business, as it outlines the expectations for how the business will function.

Regardless of whether your LLC is a single-member corporation or a multi-member business, it’s important to have a written Operating Agreement in Louisiana. It is important to follow these guidelines to avoid mistakes. Unless you’re a sole proprietor, you should name the company with the same name as on your Articles of Organization. A good way to avoid a misunderstanding is to check out Louisiana’s naming guidelines. Remember to include all LLC owners’ full names in the Louisiana Operating Agreement.


An LLC’s operating agreement will outline the procedures for dissolving the company, including what must happen if there is a member vote. If the operating agreement requires a majority of the members to agree, dissolving an LLC is a simple process. A majority of the members must agree to dissolve the company, but state statutes will provide default rules. In any case, a majority vote must be documented with a signed consent form.

In close-held LLCs, the organizational documents may require unanimous consent of members to continue. If the members are not in agreement, a dissolution event could drastically alter the relationships among members. This is an important factor to weigh against the benefits and disadvantages of a dissolution event. Therefore, it’s imperative that the organizers discuss this issue as early as possible during the formation process. However, there’s no one “right” way to dissolve an LLC.

An operating agreement may also stipulate how assets are distributed in the event of dissolution. In some states, liquidating assets is required to settle creditors’ accounts. The operating agreement should specify how surplus assets should be distributed in this case. A dissolution agreement must clearly state the priorities of members, unless the members themselves choose to dissolve the LLC. An operating agreement may specify who will receive what portion of the liquidated assets. However, the operating agreement may also require members to reimburse the LLC for damages caused by the dissolution.

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