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secretary of state

If you are planning to start a business in any of the states in the USA, you must know about the Secretary of State’s website. Each state has its own business rules and guidelines for conducting business in said state. All the business-related information and entity details are recorded and shared on the Secretary of State’s official website. If you’re looking to form a Limited Liability Company (LLC), you can visit the SOS site to get the name availability, formation document, and fee structures before you plan your company formation.

Whether you want to start an LLC or reserve a business name, you must go to the Secretary of State’s website to file your document. In this article, the LLCBuddy editors listed all the States’ Secretary of State links and links to business records in each state. You can search for business entities, business names, formation documents, formation fee details, and many other details.

State-wise List of Secretary of State Website

State NameOfficial WebsiteBusiness ServicesBusiness Entity Records
AlabamaSecretary of StateBusiness ServicesCorporate Entity Records
AlaskaState of AlaskaDivision of CorporationCorporation Database
ArizonaSecretary of StateBusiness DivisionBusiness Search
ArkansasSecretary of StateBusiness Commercial ServicesBusiness Search
CaliforniaSecretary of StateBusiness EntitiesBusiness Search
ColoradoSecretary of StateBusiness OrganizationsBusiness Database Search
ConnecticutSecretary of the StateBusiness ServicesBusiness Search
DelawareState of DelawareBusiness ServicesEntity Search
District of ColumbiaOffice of the SecretaryDepartment of BuildingsCorporate Search
FloridaDepartment of StateDivision of CorporationsDivision of Corporation Search
GeorgiaSecretary of StateBusiness ServicesCorporation Division
HawaiSecretary of StateBusiness RegistrationSearch for Businesses
IdahoSecretary of StateBusiness ServicesBusiness Search
IllinoisSecretary of StateBusiness ServicesBusiness Search
IndianaSecretary of StateBusiness RoadmapPublic Business Search
IowaSecretary of StateBusiness Entity FormsBusiness Entities Search
KansasSecretary of StateBusiness One StopBusiness Search
KentuckySecretary of StateBusiness ServicesBusiness Entity Search
Louisiana Secretary of StateBusiness ServicesBusiness Search
MaineSecretary of StateBureau of Corporations, Elections and CommissionsInteractive Corporate Services
MarylandSecretary of StateDepartment of Assessment and TaxationBusiness Entity Search
MassachusettsSecretary of StateBusiness ServicesBusiness Search
MichiganSecretary of StateCorporation BureauBusiness Entity Search
MinnesotaSecretary of StateBusiness & LiensBusiness Search
Mississippi Secretary of StateBusiness Services Business Services Search
MissouriSecretary of StateBusiness ServicesBusiness Entity Search
MontanaSecretary of StateBusiness Service DivisionBusiness Entity Search
Nebraska Secretary of StateBusiness Services DivisionCorporate and Business Search
NevadaSecretary of StateBusinessesOnline Entity Search
New HampshireSecretary of StateCorporate DivisionQuickStart Business Search
New JerseySecretary of StateDepartment of TreasuryBusiness Search
New MexicoSecretary of StateBusiness ServicesBusiness Entity Search
New YorkDepartment of StateExisting Corporations and BusinessesSearch Corporation and Business Entity
North CarolinaSecretary of StateBusiness ServicesBusiness Entity Search
North DakotaSecretary of StateBusiness ServicesBusiness Search
OhioSecretary of StateBusiness ServicesBusiness Search
OklahomaSecretary of StateBusiness ServicesBusiness Entity Search
OregonSecretary of StateBusiness ServicesBusiness Search
PennsylvaniaSecretary of StateBusiness ServicesBusiness Entity Search
Rhode IslandSecretary of StateBusiness ServicesEntity Search
South CarolinaSecretary of StateBusiness ServicesBusiness Entity Search
South DakotaSecretary of StateBusiness ServicesBusiness Information Search
TennesseeSecretary of StateBusiness ServicesBusiness Information Search
TexasSecretary of StateBusiness ServicesBusiness Entity Search
UtahDivision of Corporations and Commercial CodeBusiness ServicesBusiness Search
VermontSecretary of StateBusiness ServicesBusiness Search
VirginiaSecretary of StateBusiness Services DivisionBusiness Search
WashingtonSecretary of StateCorporations and CharityAdvanced Business Search
West VirginiaSecretary of StateBusiness ServicesBusiness Entity Search
WisconsinSecretary of StateBusiness ServicesBusiness Search
WyomingSecretary of StateBusiness CenterBusiness Search

Start a Limited Liability Company in the States

Following is the list of states where you can start your LLC. Select the state from the list below and read our LLC guide thoroughly.

How to Start an LLC?

starting an llc

Establishing a limited liability company is probably the easiest and least complicated task. An LLC can be formed in two ways, by DIY method or by hiring a professional LLC service. You can explore the best LLC services available. We recommend to hire a professional as it is hassle-free, less complicated, and does not require much money to spend. ZenBusiness offers LLC formation at $0. That means you can form your LLC with professional help absolutely free.

For the ones who want to go through the DIY method, here are some steps to follow. These are generic steps. There may or may not be some additional steps depending on the state you are starting your LLC. Before we head to the main steps, make sure to check with the state and local governing body for all the rules and guidelines for conducting business in the state.

Step 1: Name the LLC

The very first step is to name your LLC. The name is the initial identity of your business. It is mandatory to name your company carefully. For any state in the USA, there are a bunch of LLC naming guidelines to follow. Some of the main guidelines are,

  • The name should be available to use. Do not use any existing name that can fall under the copyright act.
  • Make sure the name reflects the nature of your business. Any name that is misleading or pretending to be something else shouldn’t be given to your LLC.
  • Some words like Attorney, University, Banks, and any words that reflect governmental organizations are strictly restricted.

Step 2: Get a Registered Agent

The second step is to hire a registered agent. The registered agent is a person responsible for receiving all types of legal and government documents on behalf of the LLC. Anyone who is above 18 years, a resident of the state, and is legally eligible to conduct business in the state.

Anyone can be a registered agent, spouse, family member, or friend – anyone who fulfills the criteria can be a registered agent. You can also act as a registered agent in your own LLC. However, it is not a wise decision to manage the position without any professional help. Especially, for the new entrepreneurs.

Step 3: File Formation Document

Once you have a name and the registered agent, you can now file the formation document with the Secretary of State. It takes a minimum of 24 hours (if filed online) to 30 days depending on the state. The cost of filing the formation document can go up to $500 and can be a minimum of $10. If you hire a professional service, they offer filing formation documents at $0 (excluding the state filing fee). You will get professional guidance without spending a penny. We recommend ZenBusiness which offers LLC formation $0.

Step 4: Write an Operating Agreement

The next step is to write an operating agreement. The Operating Agreement is not mandatory in many states, however, for a few states it is mandatory. We suggest all have an operating agreement as it is an internal document that records everything about your LLC. This document includes information about the structure of the LLC, members’ details, capital contribution, and dissolution process as well.

Step 5: Get EIN

The final step is to obtain the Employer Identity Number (EIN). This is a 9-digit number that is mandatory for hiring people, opening bank accounts, and some other legal work in your LLC. The EIN can be obtained from the IRS’ official website or by sending mail. If you hire a professional LLC service, they will help you get the EIN within no time. It does not take any cost to obtain EIN through the IRS website. Read How to Start an LLC to know more about establishing an LLC for free.

In Conclusion

The main agenda of this article is to share the list of links to the Secretary of State’s online portals. We shared the main links to the business services and search pages from every state. The web portal of some Secretary of State might not be working if you are trying to open it from a different country or region. In that case, it is recommended to send them an email for inquiry.

We have also shared the process of establishing the LLC by DIY method. The steps might get changed depending on the state you are in. However, the core process of forming a limited liability company in any of the above-mentioned states is the same. As mentioned before having a professional guide like ZenBusiness is always a wise decision when it comes to establishing your LLC. ZenBusiness offers LLC formation at $0.

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