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Drug Discovery “Latest” Statistics

  • The estimated median capitalized research and development cost per product in a particular study, which included 63 of 355 new therapeutic drugs and biologic agents approved by the US Food and Drug Administration between 2009 and 2018, was $1.1 billion, including costs associated with unsuccessful trials.[1]
  • The pharmaceutical industry spent $83 billion on research and development in 2019.[2]
  • The number of new drugs approved for sale increased by 60% between 2010 and 2019, reaching a peak of 59 in 2018.[2]
  • It has been estimated that developing a new drug will cost anywhere from less than $1 billion to more than $2 billion, which includes expenditures on drugs that do not reach the market and capital costs.[2]
  • The global market was predicted to be worth approximately $188 billion in 2022 and nearly $300 billion in 2026.[3]
  • The market for drug discovery is anticipated to be worth 71 billion US dollars by 2025.[4]
  • The market for drug discovery was only worth 35.2 billion US dollars in 2016.[4]
  • The FDA granted approval to 355 brand-new drugs and biologics between 2009 and 2018.[1]
  • The median and mean research and development investments required to bring a new drug to the market were estimated to be $1142 million and $1559 million, respectively, based on data for 63 therapeutic agents developed by 47 companies between 2009 and 2018.[1]
  • Based on a sample of ten drugs, Prasad and Mailankody estimated in 2017 that the median cost of bringing a single cancer drug to market through research and development was $780 million (in 2018 US dollars), capitalized at a real cost of capital rate of 7% per year.[1]

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