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Top Email Signature Statistics 2023

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Email Signature “Latest” Statistics

  • At a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31.0 percent, the global market for digital signatures is expected to reach $14.1 billion by 2026 from $2.8 billion in 2020.[1]
  • In 2019, the largest market for e-signature, worth $440 million, was North America.[1]
  • With a market value of $6,117.3 in 2019, the United States dominated the market by country, followed by Germany with $2,091.8.[1]
  • In just five years, the number of e-Signature transactions has increased from 89 million to 754 million.[1]
  • Companies that have selected software-as-a-service (SaaS) account for more than 65 percent of Forrester’s inquiries regarding e-signature.[1]
  • E-signature implementations can take up to 2.3 months for small businesses, 5.5 months for medium-sized businesses, and 9 months on average for large enterprises.[1]
  • E-signatures are viewed as the most crucial by 81% of business users when it comes to the legal and security aspects of their day-to-day operations.[1]
  • 65 percent of US-based businesses report that collecting physical signatures takes an entire day out of their workday.[1]
  • Even though the majority of these paper-based forms will be out of date in three months, American businesses spend more than $120 billion annually on paper documents.[1]
  • In 2020, approximately 19 percent of marketers indicated that they will “definitely” utilize email signatures as an additional marketing channel.[2]
  • Statistics from Newoldstamp’s “The State of Business Email Marketing” report revealed that 82 percent of email marketers use their signatures to increase brand awareness.[2]
  • 75% of the 52 percent of email signatures had some kind of contact information, with a landline phone number being the most common at 60%.[3]
  • Globe News Wire predicts that the global e-signature market will likely reach $3,410.8 million in value by 2023.[4]
  • By 2023, the global market for electronic signatures is expected to be worth $5.5 billion, as reported by Business Wire.[4]
  • The global e-signature market is expected to improve by 70% to 80%, according to other estimates.[4]
  • With more than 40% of the global market, North America is currently the largest market for e-signature.[4]
  • According to reports, e-signature solutions also contribute to an average productivity increase of 80%.[4]
  • 73% of millennials want businesses to use email to communicate.[5]
  • Over half of the respondents in the United States check their personal email more than ten times per day.[5]
  • Marketing emails have a significant impact on 59% of people’s purchasing decisions.[5]
  • 62% of business owners and marketers promote their brands through their email signatures.[6]
  • Email signatures are used by 48% of marketers to drive traffic to their websites.[6]
  • Nearly everyone (98 percent) includes their name in their email signature.[6]
  • Only 23% of businesses assess email signature marketing’s efficacy.[6]
  • To create a branded email signature, 73% of people use email signature generators.[6]
  • Email signature marketing’s primary goal is to raise awareness of a brand, according to 82% of respondents.[6]
  • 66% of businesspeople continue to communicate primarily via email.[6]
  • 25% of employees communicate via instant messaging apps.[6]
  • Signatures are used by 82% of digital marketers to raise brand awareness.[6]
  • 48 percent of marketers use email signatures solely to boost website traffic.[6]
  • 34% of marketers use email signatures to generate leads.[6]
  • Between 11 and 25 emails are sent daily by half of employees in mid-sized businesses.[6]
  • Regardless of whether email signatures are utilized, 53% of the data indicate that the highest obstacle to email marketing is CTR.[6]
  • The name of the sender appears in the email signature of 98% of all emails.[6]
  • A recent study found that only 23% of email marketers actually conduct performance evaluations of their email signature marketing campaigns.[6]
  • Clicks from email signature campaigns are tracked by 79% of email marketers.[6]
  • 73% of respondents reported using email signature generators.[6]
  • For branding purposes, 41% of respondents use email signatures.[6]
  • According to 35% of respondents, email signatures are updated once every few years.[6]
  • According to a recent survey, 62% of marketers regularly or occasionally use email signatures in their email marketing campaigns.[6]
  • An email signature marketing campaign’s most pressing concerns, according to 29%, are leads and traffic.[6]

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