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Email Verification Statistics 2023: Facts about Email Verification outlines the context of what’s happening in the tech world.

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Top Email Verification Statistics 2023

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Email Verification “Latest” Statistics

  • Assurance of deliverability no more than 1% of your emails identified as deliverable will bounce.[1]
  • Emailable systems are supported by a 99.99% uptime SLA and run on a globally dispersed infrastructure.[1]
  • At the outset, a 1% increase in the number of spammy emails on your list may cause a 10% drop in deliverability.[2]
  • Over 20% of emails that are registered include typos, syntax mistakes, domain errors, and other issues.[2]
  • More than 99% of your emails will reach your consumers, thanks to the ecosystem of billions of email signals and reliable data sources that make up the Kickbox network.[3]
  • Thirty-five receivers, or 3.5% of customers, will buy the goods based on the average number.[4]
  • 5% of people changed their email addresses, 5% relocated to a new position or domain, and 5% changed their employment.[4]
  • Imagine that you utilize your existing emailing list, created last year, with a 3.5% return.[4]
  • It is 100% safe and available online, so there is no need to worry about downloading it.[4]
  • You may save up to 25% by signing up for a monthly membership offered to people who want to save money.[5]
  • With bias against false negatives, accuracy is 99% reaction time process a thousand email addresses per hour for free yes, join up without a credit card, and test bouncer with 100 free credits.[5]
  • If you use MillionVerifier to validate your emails and your hard bounce rate is more than 4%, they will refund your money.[5]
  • Only MillionVerifier offers a genuine 100% money-back guarantee for email verification services.[5]
  • With a 98% deliverability guarantee, MyEmailVerifier is a privately held email list verification service.[5]
  • Concentrate 100% on email verification if you want the most accurate email verification service available or need to verify millions of email addresses.[6]
  • Even after having my emails verified by your validator, you can still see a bounce rate of 30% in various businesses.[6]
  • The fluctuation in SMTP response codes causes our service to be less than 10% accurate.[6]
  • Discover how our clients improved sending speed by 1,350%, increased unique click rate by 817%, and attained other outstanding outcomes.[7]
  • As spammers took advantage of the pandemic’s uncertainties and the inflow of email, phishing incidences increased by 220% at the height of the epidemic compared to the annual average.[8]

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How Useful is Email Verification

One of the primary purposes of email verification is to ensure that the email address provided is valid and belongs to the user who claims to own it. By sending a verification link to the email address provided during sign-up, businesses can verify the authenticity of the user and prevent fraudulent accounts from being created. This not only helps in reducing spam and phishing attacks but also ensures that users are receiving the information they signed up for.

Moreover, email verification is crucial for businesses that rely on email marketing to reach out to their customers. By verifying the email addresses on their mailing list, companies can improve their email deliverability rate and reach a more targeted audience. This not only helps in increasing open rates and click-through rates but also improves the overall effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns.

Aside from ensuring the authenticity of the user and improving email deliverability, email verification also plays a crucial role in maintaining the overall health of your email list. By regularly verifying and cleaning up your email list, you can remove invalid or dormant email addresses, ensuring that your messages reach your intended audience. This not only helps in improving the engagement rates of your email campaigns but also prevents your emails from being marked as spam by email service providers.

Furthermore, email verification can also help in enhancing the security of your online accounts. By requiring users to verify their email addresses during the sign-up process, businesses can add an additional layer of security to their accounts. This can help in preventing unauthorized access and protect sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

Overall, email verification is a useful tool that helps in ensuring the authenticity of users, improving email deliverability, maintaining a healthy email list, and enhancing the security of online accounts. In today’s digital age, where online communication and marketing have become essential for businesses, email verification plays a crucial role in facilitating secure and efficient communication.

While email verification may seem like a simple step in the sign-up process, its importance cannot be understated. By adopting email verification practices, businesses can ensure that they are communicating with real users, protect their online accounts from unauthorized access, and improve the overall effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns.


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