How to Change Registered Agent in Arizona – A Complete Guide

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Change registered agent in Arizona

Change Registered Agent in Arizona: A registered agent in Arizona is a point of contact between your LLC and the state. You must appoint a Registered Agent when you form an LLC in Arizona. At any point in time, you might need to replace/change your Statutory Agent in Arizona. When it comes to changing the registered agent in Arizona, it is a straightforward method. To change your Statutory Agent in Arizona, one has to submit the statement of change of the Statutory Agent. It can be filed online or by mail.

In this article, you will learn how to change registered agent in Arizona. Also, you will get to learn when and why you have to change your Statutory Agent, appointed for your Arizona LLC.

What is Statutory Agent in Arizona

The Arizona Statutory Agent, appointed by the limited liability company, is a person who receives all the legal documents on your company’s behalf. To become a registered agent in Arizona, one must meet the following requirements,

  1. The person must be or above 18 years old
  2. The person has to be a permanent resident of Arizona
  3. The person should have a legal permit to conduct business in Arizona
  4. The person must be available during business hours at the designated office address in Arizona

You can also be your own registered agent in Arizona. However, it is not wise to be your own agent as it can divert your attention from the core of your business.

How to Change a Registered Agent in Arizona

To change the Statutory Agent in Arizona, one has to file the statement of change of the registered agent. You must pay the filing fee of $5 to complete your application. To file for the Statement of Change of Registered Agent and Registered Office Address with the Arizona Secretary of State, you can opt for any of the following methods:

Online Filing

To file the statement of change of registered agent in Arizona online, you must search for the appropriate online form. You can file your change of Statutory Agent statement online if the online form is available through the Secretary of State. Follow the below-given instructions:

  • Visit the Arizona Secretary of State’s official website
  • Log in to the portal using your credentials.
  • You will find the ‘Update’ option in your dashboard if the online update option is available.
  • Click on the ‘update’ option to find the ‘registration’ option.
  • You will get an online form (or in PDF format)
  • Fill out the form (or download it on your PC, then fill it out) with the old and new registered agent’s details.
  • Submit (or upload) the completed form to the portal.
  • In the next section, you will get payment details (if applicable) and pay the fees using a credit card.

Your online updation is done! It takes some time to update the details on the portal. Once it is updated, your new registered agent can start conducting business on your behalf.

Filing Through Mail or In-person

If you want to file the statement of change of registered agent via mail or in person (if available), then you should follow the rules. For in-person or mail filings, you need to download the Arizona LLC Statement of Change (PDF) from the official website of the Arizona Secretary of State. Complete the form by filling in all the information about the LLC and both (new and existing) registered agents. The form has to be signed by the new registered agent. This will provide the consent of the new agent. Once completed, submit it to the below-mentioned address:

Important LinksSubmit Offline Form
Change of Registered Agent – Online
Arizona LLC Statement of Change – PDF
Arizona Registered Agent – Requirement
Arizona Corporation Commission, Corporate Filings Section, 1300 W. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ 85007

Fee: The filing fee charged for changing the Arizona registered agent is $5. This fee will be paid to the Arizona Secretary of State by check or credit card.

If you hire a Registered Agent service, filing the Statement of Change would be much easier. Also, the registered agent will help you with the consent letter the new registered agent has to sign. LLCBuddy editorial team suggests a list of the best LLC services that offer registered agent services. Some of them offer standalone registered agent services.

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Registered Agent Consent Letter in Arizona

The registered Agent’s Consent letter is a document that a new registered agent must submit along with the formation document. It is a statement that the agent submits upon agreeing to work with the LLC. When you change the Statutory Agent, you must also submit the consent letter signed by the new agent. In many states, submitting the Change of Registered Agent form does the job; sending any additional consent document to the SOS is unnecessary. However, there are many states where you must submit the consent letter separately and pay a certain fee (if applicable). This consent must include the following details-

  • LLC name
  • A letter that says the person gives consent to serve the LLC as a registered agent
  • The execution date
  • Name of the registered agent
  • Signature of the registered agent

In Arizona, there is a separate document, the Acceptance of Consent has to be submitted to the SOS. Along with this, the registered agent has to submit the Cover Letter as well. You must get the Acceptance of Consent, fill it out, and submit it to the SOS. The agent must sign the form or self-attest. It is proof that the new Statutory Agent has given the nod to provide their services to the LLC. An additional filing fee (or expedited fee) might be charged. Check Arizona Secretary of State for fee details.

Why Do You Need to Change a Registered Agent in Arizona

There can be several reasons why LLCs want to change their registered agent in Arizona. Some of the main and most important reasons are listed below,

Be Your Own Registered Agent

A very common reason is that if anyone wants to be his/her own registered agent. Any LLC owner can be the registered agent himself/herself as per the Arizona Secretary of State. So, you may want to change the registered agent and become one yourself for your LLC. In that case, you must submit the change form with your details.

Want to Hire a Professional Registered Agent

You may have designated yourself or someone from the family as the registered agent for your LLC in the initial phase. But with expansion in business, your roles and responsibilities also expand. You may not be present at the office during working hours. And a registered agent is required to be available in the office. So, you must hire a registered agent who could replace you.

Existing Registered Agent Resigns

If your current registered agent resigns or your service provider is out of business, you can change your Registered Agent in Arizona. You must change the registered agent if the existing one resigns or is out of service.

Forming foreign LLC

This is to be noted that a person is eligible to be a Arizona Statutory Agent only if they are the Arizona resident. So, if you are forming a foreign LLC in Arizona, you might need to change your registered agent because not all registered agents are eligible to work in different states.


What is a registered agent in Arizona?
A registered agent in Arizona is an individual or business entity who accepts legal papers and official communication on behalf of a corporation, LLC, or partnership.
Do I need an Arizona registered agent?
Yes, all Arizona corporations, LLCs, and partnerships are required to have a registered agent with a physical address to receive legal notices.
Can I be my own Arizona registered agent?
Yes, you can be your own Arizona registered agent as long as you have an in-state physical address and are available during normal business hours to receive legal notices.
What happens if I don’t have an Arizona registered agent?
If you fail to have an Arizona registered agent, your business could face penalties, fines, and even involuntary dissolution.
How do I find an Arizona registered agent?
You can search for a list of Arizona registered agents online or solicit the services of a registered agent company.
Can I change my Arizona registered agent anytime?
Yes, you can change your Arizona registered agent anytime by filing the required paperwork with the Arizona Corporation Commission.
How do I appoint a new Arizona registered agent?
You can appoint a new Arizona registered agent by providing the Arizona Corporation Commission with the name and physical address of the new agent.
Is there a cost to change my Arizona registered agent?
There is a minimal fee to change your Arizona registered agent, as set by the Arizona Corporation Commission.
Can my Arizona registered agent reject service of process?
Yes, your Arizona registered agent has the right to reject service of process if the documents don’t comply with Arizona state law or if they don’t pertain to your business.
Can an Arizona registered agent terminate their services?
An Arizona registered agent can terminate their services by following Arizona state laws and notifying the Arizona Corporation Commission and the company.
Can my Arizona registered agent forward mail to me?
Yes, most Arizona registered agent companies offer mail forwarding services for their clients, usually for an extra fee.
How long does it take to change my Arizona registered agent?
Generally, changing an Arizona registered agent takes several weeks depending on the timing and completion of all necessary paperwork and fees.
Do I have to notify my old Arizona registered agent of the change?
No, there is no requirement in Arizona state law that obligates you to notify your previous registered agent of the new contact information of the company.
What happens after I file the change with the Arizona Corporation Commission?
Once your change has been processed, the Arizona Corporation Commission updates your information, which becomes the public record.
Can I change my Arizona registered office address at the same time?
Yes, you can change your Arizona registered agent and physical address at the same time by filling in the requisite paperwork.
Will my Arizona registered agent affect my LLC or corporation’s mailing address?
No, changing your Arizona registered agent does not alter your LLC or corporation’s mailing address or other records in the state’s database.
What if I miss the date to change my Arizona registered agent?
If you don’t change your Arizona registered agent by the state’s deadline, then your corporation or LLC could lose its right to do business in Arizona.
Do I need to update anyone else of my Arizona registered agent change?
Besides notifying the Arizona Corporation Commission, it is prudent to notify your bank account holders, vendors and partners.
How often can I change my Arizona registered agent?
There are no with laws limiting how often you may change Arizona registered agents.
How do I know if I need a new Arizona registered agent?
You will certainly want a new Arizona registered agent if your current one is no longer providing you with adequate service, is unresponsive or even closed.
Can I use a post office box as my Arizona registered office address?
Post Office Boxes, private mailboxes (PMBs) commercial mail receiving agencies and virtual addresses cannot be used as Arizona registered office addresses.
Do I need to submit an Arizona registered agent Appointment for incorporating a new Company in Arizona?
Yes, as part of an operational requirement, companies that incorporate in Arizona must submit a registered agent Appointment after filing their paperwork to create and start doing business.
What if my Arizona registered agent moves to another address?
Your Arizona registered agent must file an amendment with the Arizona Corporation Commission within ten days of any address changes.
Is my Arizona registered agent contact information public record?
Yes, the legal, registered agent’s contact information is displayed as a matter of public record and published on the Arizona Corporation Commission’s website.
What happens if my Arizona registered agent terminates its services?
Replacement documents are mailed to the registered agency allowing ten days for them to terminate and be replaced with a new agent thereby resuming services.
Does an Arizona registered agent provide legal services?
Typically, not. While the competently handling of information transfers, most companies say they do not have legal credentials.
Is it difficult to self-serve and maintain a registered agent in Arizona?
Some may certainly choose to self a deeper such obligations themselves once they move, however tasking an additional party helps ensure the company maintains its legal and active status in this regard too.
What’s a registered agent in Arizona?
Every Arizona corporation, limited partnership, and limited liability company needs a statutory “registered agent.”
Can I change a registered agent in Arizona?
Yes, you can change the registered agent of your Arizona corporation, LLC, or LP at any time.
Do I have to file any documents when changing a registered agent in Arizona?
Yes, you need to file some paperwork with the Arizona Corporation Commission.
How much does it cost to change a registered agent in Arizona?
It costs $25 to file the required paperwork with the Arizona Corporation Commission.
Is there a fee to change a registered agent in Arizona?
Yes, a fee is required. That fee will involve filing a form along with the check to the Arizona Corporation Commission.
What’s the easiest way to get an Arizona registered agent?
Online statutory agent services are available at a competitive rate.
Where can I find a list of registered agents in Arizona?
You can find a list of registered agents in Arizona on the Arizona Corporation Commission’s website.
Why would I want to change a registered agent in Arizona?
Your company might change registered agents in Arizona to get an affordable rate.
Is changing a registered agent in Arizona a hard process?
Changing a registered agent in Arizona is not necessarily hard.
What if I forget to update my registered agent in Arizona?
Without an up-to-date registered agent in Arizona, the company can’t lawfully retain its status.
Am I required to use a registered agent service in Arizona?
No, you’re free to use a real person so long as that person agrees to serve.
What happens if my newly appointed registered agent in Arizona neglects to serve as my company’s agent?
The company can be dissolved in this circumstance.
When changing a registered agent in Arizona is something you’d have to do yearly or is this a one-time worksite?
Changing a registered agent in Arizona doesn’t take place on a yearly basis.
Can an Arizona secretary of state serve as a Colorado business’ registered agent?
No, an Arizona secretary of state cannot serve as your Colorado registered agent.
In Arizona, is it necessary to name a registered agent in articles of incorporation?
Yes, in Arizona, the registered agent must be recognized in the Articles of Incorporation.
Why is changing a registered agent in Arizona so necessary?
Often businesses may change registered agents in Arizona to save money or due to company changes concerning the business structure.
How long does Arizona take to process an application on changing a registered agent?
The Arizona Corporation Commission reports, ‘usually takes less than ten business days’ for them to finish processing.
Does a copy of the change in registered agent form needs to come with specific types of letters or size sheets in Arizona?
Nope, as long as it complies with relevant requirements, the copy should be good!
Can somebody complete paperwork if a company wants to change its registered agent in Arizona?
Anyone in the company authorized to sign the paperwork may do so.
Will the owner of the business get charged if they moved and didn’t notify the registered agency of the change of address?
Yes, most likely, the business owner will be charged to reactivate the initial business filing if they don’t notify the registered company of a relocation’s change of address.
How frequently can I change my business’ registered agent in Arizona?
You can change your registered agent in Arizona whenever you want.
Could a corporation be a registered agent in Arizona without additional steps?
Typically No. The legal entity should also comply with the agent authority requirement in order to function as a registered agent in Arizona.
Over the phone or online, can I put the amendment to change a Registered Arizona agent around the phone using a bank card?
Yes. You can file the filing charge by phone with a debit/credit card or by filing online.
Would you be capable of changing a registered agent’s name in Arizona, given you already have had an organization connected?
You can change your registered agent’s name anytime applicable with an Arizona organization.
How could I imply proof that a registered agent provider has the required certification to characteristically comply in the Arizona state authorization requirements when it comes to the agent activity title?
Quite basically, the Arizona Corporation Division endorsed certification for a corporation to precisely operate as an agent in Arizona.
How can you change a registered agent in dissolved companies in Arizona?
If the Arizona Company is abandoned, the registered agent in designation cannot be’ changed,’ and the formation can ONLY be withdrawn through apostille/public endorsement.
Must my registered agent agency hold Arizona business count supervision/notification powers?
if you’re going to serve as a registered agent in Arizona for an entity that holds an Arizona registration number, you must be eligible in every way to assist customers with everything in the area.
Could hired businessmen serve as your registered agent in Arizona?
Depending on particular scenarios previously agreed established by hired magnates.
Could I seek permission to change your registered agent in Arizona through Electronic/Mailable Filings?
Yes. Entries for Change-of-Agent of the Nevada’s Mark Legacy Module will be exposed precisely only via positive Compliance filing outputs

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Why Change Registered Agent in Arizona is So Important

In the state of Arizona, as in many others, a registered agent is required for all businesses. The registered agent serves as the official point of contact for the business and is responsible for receiving legal documents, such as summons and complaints, on behalf of the business. Additionally, the registered agent is responsible for maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of the business’s ownership and contact information.

So why is it so important to change registered agents in Arizona when necessary? The answer lies in the legal and operational implications of maintaining an incorrect or ineffective registered agent. A registered agent who fails to fulfill their duties can result in missed legal deadlines, which can lead to severe consequences for the business. This could include default judgments, fines, or even the loss of the business’s good standing with the state.

In addition to the potential legal repercussions, a registered agent who is not properly maintaining accurate records can also create operational challenges for the business. If important legal documents or notices are not properly received by the registered agent, the business may not be aware of critical information that could impact its operations. This lack of awareness could result in missed opportunities or delays in responding to important matters.

Changing a registered agent in Arizona is a relatively straightforward process, but one that is often overlooked by busy business owners. However, taking the time to ensure that the registered agent is a reliable and professional representative for the business can save time, money, and stress in the long run. By choosing a registered agent who is familiar with the legal requirements and responsibilities of the role, business owners can rest assured that their interests are being properly represented.

Ultimately, the role of the registered agent is a critical one for any business operating in Arizona. By understanding the importance of this role and taking the necessary steps to ensure that the registered agent is effective and reliable, business owners can safeguard their businesses against unnecessary risks and challenges. Making the decision to change registered agents when necessary may seem like a small task, but it can have significant implications for the success and longevity of a business.

In Conclusion

During your business, you may arrive at a point where you need to change the registered agent. The need may arise when the existing agent wants to quit, or you are terminating the existing agent or expanding your business. Changing the Arizona registered agent can be necessary in various situations. It is quite simple as it can be done online and through mail filing. This article has it all. If you have any queries about changing a registered agent, you can drop a comment below in the box.

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