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Top Earned Wage Access Statistics 2023

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Earned Wage Access “Latest” Statistics

  • An estimated 32% of employees had a budget in 2019, a staggering figure given the importance of saving for short- and long-term expenses.[1]
  • Just over 28% of employees currently earning $50,000 to $99,999 a year live paycheck-to-paycheck, and 70% of them are in debt.[1]
  • 48% of US workers report that their financial issues are a source of distraction at work, it is obvious that EWA is crucial for luring in and keeping a motivated and effective staff.[1]
  • Roughly 80% of American workers were living paycheck to paycheck.[1]
  • Regarding the recruiting drive, 74% of participants indicated they would rather work for a company that provides financial planning, budgeting, and savings tools than one that does not.[1]
  • According to a recent survey that was conducted involving more than 3,000 American workers, 10% of businesses give perks for accessing earned money outside of pay periods.[2]
  • 77% of EWA users report less stress, and 72% of those with improved financial confidence felt more in control.[3]
  • An overwhelming majority of consumers (91%) said they understand how the EWA service works and understand the associated fees (89%).[4]
  • Eight in 10 reported feeling less stressed about their financial situation (82%), having higher self-esteem (81%) and an improvement in their mental health (77%).[4]
  • 60% of respondents said that their company does not provide them with tools to help them better manage their money.[4]
  • The majority of responders, or 88%, think that their ability to receive their salaries when they were paid throughout the pandemic was crucial to their financial security.[4]
  • More than 60% of working Americans believe that all businesses should provide their workers with quick access to their daily earned income, according to a recent national research study that examined the effects of same.[5]
  • Almost 70% of those surveyed indicated they would suggest the company to friends, family, or other job seekers.[5]
  • Millennial and Generation Z employees, however, expressed a greater interest in applying for a job that pays them on the same day that they work (84% and 87%, respectively).[5]
  • 60% of working Americans, according to recent study that examined the effects of same day pay, want their companies to provide them direct access to daily salaries.[5]
  • According to survey findings, from 2018 to 2022, 12% more Americans would worry everyday about getting by until their next paycheck.[5]
  • 54% of Americans will be anxious about stretching their income to the next payment in 2022 compared to 29% in 2018.[5]
  • According to the poll, 79% of all employed Americans—a 30% increase from the 2018 study—would be more inclined to seek for a job if it paid them on the same day they worked.[5]
  • Access to earned income, according to 51% of users, has improved their financial situation 50% of users said it has made them more frugal with their expenditures.[6]
  • 70% of consumers claim that having access to their earned money has prevented them from getting a payday loan.[6]
  • Access to earned income, according to 78% of customers, enables them to make their payments on time and prevent late or overdraft penalties.[6]
  • Over 40% of Americans, according to a Federal Reserve survey, could not afford a $400 emergency bill.[6]
  • An employee must be able to access their earned money when they need it before payday given that 78% of all American employees now live paycheck to paycheck.[6]
  • According to the Society for Human Resource Management, just 5% of big US corporations now give earned pay access to their workforces, the bulk of whom are paid hourly.[6]
  • 85% of customers said that having access to their earned income improves their ability to budget and pay significant monthly expenses like rent, utilities, vehicle payments, etc.[6]
  • The stress of having to pay monthly medical expenditures is most noteworthy and relevant now, accounting for almost half of respondents (46%).[6]
  • Employee engagement is increased by providing an on demand pay benefit option, and 73% of workers say their perception of their company has improved as a consequence.[6]
  • More than 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, which puts greater pressure on them to come up with strategies for getting by in between pay periods.[7]
  • Only 37% of Americans, according to Bank Rate, can afford a $500 projected bill, demonstrating that the majority of us employees virtually live paycheck to paycheck.[8]
  • Most HR executives stated they are focusing on keeping their current employees since 77% of respondents said lowering staff turnover was a key priority or an important priority at a time when the employment market is experiencing growing uncertainty.[9]
  • 44% of US employees had less than $500 in emergency savings prior to COVID-19.[9]
  • According to a poll of DailyPay customers, 56% of them claimed that having access to their service encouraged them to take on additional shifts.[9]
  • 90% of respondents agreed that having access to their service throughout the epidemic lessened their financial burden, according to the study.[9]
  • The two reasons for providing EWA were to retain current workers (17%) and promote financial health and lessen stress connected to finances (19%).[9]

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