How to Change Registered Agent in Kansas – A Complete Guide

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Change registered agent in Kansas

Change Registered Agent in Kansas: A registered agent in Kansas is a point of contact between your LLC and the state. You must appoint a Registered Agent when you form an LLC in Kansas. At any point in time, you might need to replace/change your Registered Agent in Kansas. When it comes to changing the registered agent in Kansas, it is a straightforward method. To change your Registered Agent in Kansas, one has to submit the statement of change of the Registered Agent. It can be filed online or by mail.

In this article, you will learn how to change registered agent in Kansas. Also, you will get to learn when and why you have to change your Registered Agent, appointed for your Kansas LLC.

What is Registered Agent in Kansas

The Kansas Registered Agent, appointed by the limited liability company, is a person who receives all the legal documents on your company’s behalf. To become a registered agent in Kansas, one must meet the following requirements,

  1. The person must be or above 18 years old
  2. The person has to be a permanent resident of Kansas
  3. The person should have a legal permit to conduct business in Kansas
  4. The person must be available during business hours at the designated office address in Kansas

You can also be your own registered agent in Kansas. However, it is not wise to be your own agent as it can divert your attention from the core of your business.

How to Change a Registered Agent in Kansas

To change the Registered Agent in Kansas, one has to file the statement of change of the registered agent. You must pay the filing fee of $30 (online) and $35 (offline) to complete your application. To file for the Statement of Change of Registered Agent and Registered Office Address with the Kansas Secretary of State, you can opt for any of the following methods:

Online Filing

To file the statement of change of registered agent in Kansas online, you must search for the appropriate online form. You can file your change of Registered Agent statement online if the online form is available through the Secretary of State. Follow the below-given instructions:

  • Visit the Kansas Secretary of State’s official website
  • Log in to the portal using your credentials.
  • You will find the ‘Update’ option in your dashboard if the online update option is available.
  • Click on the ‘update’ option to find the ‘registration’ option.
  • You will get an online form (or in PDF format)
  • Fill out the form (or download it on your PC, then fill it out) with the old and new registered agent’s details.
  • Submit (or upload) the completed form to the portal.
  • In the next section, you will get payment details (if applicable) and pay the fees using a credit card.

Your online updation is done! It takes some time to update the details on the portal. Once it is updated, your new registered agent can start conducting business on your behalf.

Filing Through Mail or In-person

If you want to file the statement of change of registered agent via mail or in person (if available), then you should follow the rules. For in-person or mail filings, you need to download the Kansas Statement of Change of Registered Agenr (PDF) from the official website of the Kansas Secretary of State. Complete the form by filling in all the information about the LLC and both (new and existing) registered agents. The form has to be signed by the new registered agent. This will provide the consent of the new agent. Once completed, submit it to the below-mentioned address:

Important LinksSubmit Offline Form
Change of Registered Agent – Online
Kansas Statement of Change of Registered Agenr – PDF
Kansas Registered Agent – Requirement
Kansas Office of the Secretary of State, Memorial Hall, 1st Floor, 120 S.W. 10th Avenue, Topeka, KS 66612

Fee: The filing fee charged for changing the Kansas registered agent is $30 (online) and $35 (offline). This fee will be paid to the Kansas Secretary of State by check or credit card.

If you hire a Registered Agent service, filing the Statement of Change would be much easier. Also, the registered agent will help you with the consent letter the new registered agent has to sign. LLCBuddy editorial team suggests a list of the best LLC services that offer registered agent services. Some of them offer standalone registered agent services.

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Registered Agent Consent Letter in Kansas

The registered Agent’s Consent letter is a document that a new registered agent must submit along with the formation document. It is a statement that the agent submits upon agreeing to work with the LLC. When you change the Registered Agent, you must also submit the consent letter signed by the new agent. In many states, submitting the Change of Registered Agent form does the job; sending any additional consent document to the SOS is unnecessary. However, there are many states where you must submit the consent letter separately and pay a certain fee (if applicable). This consent must include the following details-

  • LLC name
  • A letter that says the person gives consent to serve the LLC as a registered agent
  • The execution date
  • Name of the registered agent
  • Signature of the registered agent

In Kansas, there is no separate Consent Letter to be produced to the Secretary of State. You must get the Statement of Change of Registered Agent form, fill it out, and submit it to the SOS. The agent must sign the form or self-attest. It is proof that the new Registered Agent has given the nod to provide their services to the LLC. An additional filing fee (or expedited fee) might be charged. Check Kansas Secretary of State for fee details.

Why Do You Need to Change a Registered Agent in Kansas

There can be several reasons why LLCs want to change their registered agent in Kansas. Some of the main and most important reasons are listed below,

Be Your Own Registered Agent

A very common reason is that if anyone wants to be his/her own registered agent. Any LLC owner can be the registered agent himself/herself as per the Kansas Secretary of State. So, you may want to change the registered agent and become one yourself for your LLC. In that case, you must submit the change form with your details.

Want to Hire a Professional Registered Agent

You may have designated yourself or someone from the family as the registered agent for your LLC in the initial phase. But with expansion in business, your roles and responsibilities also expand. You may not be present at the office during working hours. And a registered agent is required to be available in the office. So, you must hire a registered agent who could replace you.

Existing Registered Agent Resigns

If your current registered agent resigns or your service provider is out of business, you can change your Registered Agent in Kansas. You must change the registered agent if the existing one resigns or is out of service.

Forming foreign LLC

This is to be noted that a person is eligible to be a Kansas Registered Agent only if they are the Kansas resident. So, if you are forming a foreign LLC in Kansas, you might need to change your registered agent because not all registered agents are eligible to work in different states. 


What is a registered agent in Kansas?
A registered agent is a person or a business entity appointed to accept legal service of process and other important notices on behalf of a corporation or LLC in Kansas.
How do I change the registered agent for my Kansas LLC?
You can change your registered agent by filing a Change of Resident Agent form with the Kansas Secretary of State.
What is the fee for changing a registered agent in Kansas?
The fee for changing a registered agent in Kansas is $20.
Are there any other forms to be filed in Kansas when changing a registered agent?
There may be other forms required, depending on the specific circumstances. Your new registered agent can help guide you through the process.
How long does it take to change a registered agent in Kansas?
It typically takes around 5-7 business days for the Kansas Secretary of State to process the Change of Resident Agent form.
Can I be my own registered agent in Kansas?
Yes, Kansas allows business owners to serve as their own registered agent if they have a physical address in the state.
What are the qualifications to be a registered agent in Kansas?
A registered agent in Kansas must have a physical street address in the state, be available to receive legal documents during normal business hours, and accept service of process on behalf of the company.
What happens if I don’t have a registered agent in Kansas?
If you fail to designate or maintain a registered agent in Kansas, your business may be subject to monetary fines and may lose the right to conduct business in the state.
Can my Kansas registered agent suggest other business services besides registered agent service?
Yes, many registered agents in Kansas also offer other business services like annual report preparation, entity formation, and certificate of good standing services.
What are the consequences of not changing my registered agent in Kansas?
If you do not change your registered agent in Kansas when necessary, you may not receive important legal notices and your business may fall out of good standing with the state.
Can I change my Kansas registered agent on my own if I am the owner of my business?
Yes, if you have a physical address in Kansas, you can serve as your own registered agent. You will need to file a Change of Resident Agent form with the Kansas Secretary of State.
How will I know if the Secretary of State has processed my Change of Resident Agent form?
You can check the status of your filing on the Kansas Secretary of State website.
What is the role of a registered agent in Kansas?
A registered agent in Kansas acts as the primary point of contact for government agencies and legal entities seeking to deliver service of process to a business.
Is it necessary to appoint a registered agent for a Kansas business?
Yes, all corporations and LLCs formed in Kansas are required by law to designate a registered agent.
Can a Kansas registered agent refuse to accept service of process?
Yes, a registered agent in Kansas can refuse to accept service of process for their client if the documents are not properly formatted or if there are other issues with the filing.
How long does a registered agent in Kansas serve for?
A registered agent in Kansas serves until they are officially replaced by another agent.
Can I change my registered agent in Kansas at any time?
Yes, you can change your registered agent in Kansas at any time by filing the necessary paperwork with the Secretary of State.
What happens to the legal documents that are sent to my old Kansas registered agent after I have changed the agent?
Your old Kansas registered agent is required to forward any legal documents they receive on your behalf to your new registered agent.
Does a foreign entity need to have a registered agent to do business in Kansas?
Yes, just like Kansas-based entities, foreign entities must designate a registered agent to do business in the state.
Can I have multiple registered agents in Kansas?
No, you are only allowed to have one registered agent per business in Kansas.
Is there a legal requirement for my registered agent to have a physical presence in Kansas?
Yes, your registered agent in Kansas must have a physical (street) address in the state to receive legal documents on your behalf.
What if I want to fire my Kansas registered agent, but I don’t have a new agent to replace them?
You must designate a new registered agent before firing your old one to ensure that your business can continue to receive important legal notices.
Can a Kansas registered agent also be a member of the LLC or a shareholder of the corporation they represent?
Yes, a registered agent in Kansas can also have an ownership or directorship stake in the company they represent.
What happens if I fail to designate a registered agent in Kansas when I register my new business?
Your business cannot be authorized to do business in the state of Kansas until you designate a registered agent. Your business may also lose good standing with the state and incur monetary fines.
Are there any restrictions on who can serve as a Kansas registered agent?
There are no specific restrictions on who can serve as a registered agent in Kansas, however, they must have a physical street address in the state and be available during normal business hours.
Is it mandatory for a Kansas business owner to be the registered agent of their own business?
No, though the state of Kansas allows it if the owner has a physical address in the state, it’s not mandatory for the owners to serve as their own registered agent.
Do I need to notify my current registered agent in Kansas before I change them?
No, you do not need to notify your current registered agent in Kansas before changing them. However, you must provide them with a record of your Change of Resident Agent form once the transaction has been processed.
Is the Change of Resident Agent form exclusive to Kansas state?
Yes, the Change of Resident Agent form can only be used for Kansas businesses since the requirements may slightly differ from one state to another.
What is the process of changing a registered agent in Kansas?
The process of changing a registered agent in Kansas involves filing a signed and dated change of agent form with the Secretary of State.
Can I change my registered agent from out-of-state to a Kansas agent?
Yes, you can change your registered agent from out-of-state to a Kansas agent.
Is there a fee to change a registered agent in Kansas?
Yes, there is a fee to change a registered agent in Kansas. Currently, the fee is $20.
Can my new registered agent file on behalf of my business in Kansas?
Yes, a new registered agent can file documents on behalf of the business in Kansas.
What happens with the documents sent to my old registered agent after I change?
Once your registered agent is officially changed, documents sent to the old registered agent will be returned to the state agency who sent it, typically relieving legal implications.
How do I know if my change of agent has been processed in Kansas?
You can track the status of a change of agent filing in Kansas via the Secretary of State’s business entity search.
Can I fax or email the change of agent form in Kansas?
No, the filed change of agent form must be submitted to the Kansas Secretary of State in its original form with a wet ink signature.
How do I select a new registered agent in Kansas?
You can search\ online and valuable feedback from peers can can lead to referrals of good agents.
How quickly can I change registered agents in Kansas?
The speed at which you can change a registered agent in Kansas is dependent on the filing of the form and accuracy being comprised. Expected within around 2 weeks turnaround time.
What if my business is registered in multiple states, can I have one registered agent for all of them with their local staff actioning business in each state?
Yes, it is possible for a business to have a single mailing address and designated registered agent staff tend to a stream of local distributions and filing actions pertaining to different states accordingly.
Can I change my registered agent in Kansas privately without informing IRS and other authorities?
No, it is obligatory to inform the concerned entities like IRS and state tax agencies out of administrative transperancy.
When do I need to choose a new Kansas registered agent?
A business entity would mostly choose to change its holder to a new registered agent if a current agent resigns, a new entity evolving in the business or a different provider offered an efficient mail communication set-up, coordination and archives handle, flexible terms or etcetera.
How many months does delay notification covered anyway?
The delay for dissolving successfully after you appoint a replacement is annually invoiced.
Do registered agents in Kansas usually only accompany claims-related documents for lawyers regarding partnership deals?
No, every registrar agent through whom businesses are registered as legal entities is bound to furnish essential communications for the current entity.The registered agent will glance proper papers to it, including tax records, mortgage papers, main offender notices or various service of process, as per typical contracts or agreements beyond partnership or LLC’s contracts.
Is registering a company in Kansas hard or time consuming?
No, Kansas Secretary of State Dearly presented entities can be appealed to be telephoned or emailed with important duties, not requiring applications to be forward via its user dashboard depending on chosen categories of application submission options.
How much does it cost to form an llc in Kansas with a registered agent?
Fees vary specifying factors to initiate the LLC formation adoption compliant with unique clauses designates prerequisites while Kansas LLC average area expenditures is generally offered about $50-$200 annually.
How can I get assistance related to registered agents with 24 hour support services available in Kansas?
State Correspondence Services in Kansas does provide uninterrupted mail solutions with high-level private piece of mail exchange and filings with competitive pro agent fees.
Is privacy an issue in Kansas for income analytics purposes?
There is no issue with exposed performance records or peer linked profits and financial reports in being connected or otherwise sourced by third parties prying eyes. It is crucial for business models to comply with state registered hours and fee transparency though.
If I decide to leave the state pronto, are lost operations ‘null’ for outsider acquisition agenda having changed registered agents?
To not file new agent confirmation applications automatically ignored due diligence, ownership duties will be forfeited in consequence tax-wise.
If a business runs under several company/trading names, LLC and/or languages, can the entity have named unit chiefs with each unit linked to individual registered agents?
Yes, multiple options and sub-menus can utilize new management strategy implementations with custom vendor registration easily triggered via dependent data units inclinations. You can specify provincial targets or shipping incentives and insurance-related queries via choosing complimentary time-sensitive tax tables accordinlg only towards capable agents as feasible strategimonkeys allowing set encorporated legal Entity titles to benefit from such agent sources
If I obtain a business administrative application error through SB123 that disruptsed previous data recruitment archives and sheet compositions of adopted legal beings data requirements over registered holder’s records show errors in form A, should I allow the former data officers to gain access in enable, create, and authenticate data formatting, analytical data self directed in electronic tape recordings or pdf chronicles attainable after retrieval settlement questions attended to?
Yes Legal Authorities in these scenarios will work toward contactting applicant for less errors, in case any public record discrepencies arises during every conceivable field/data guide remittal attempts exercised upon proper cessation entries (error entry messages returned appropriately).
If I have no physical office in Kansas or changing registered agents, how do I obtain a registered agent service without notice letter?
Yes check with official filings office regarding all the mandatory prerequisites concerning Kentucy local agents’ privileges even online submissions and attesting documents so officials receive informed proper people in your companies link.
Can I represent the company for most of the legal service and communication through electronic delivery or authentic verification of similar documents through the proxy to be set up complying with contract terms of managment assigments?
Some cases (like government only-access birth certifications), can allow clients to protect email identity validation verification method with discretionary code QR sources. Consult with official authority and your counselor to verify laws on payment, validation and release mentioning Kansas provisions.
What will happen if my Kansas registered agent isn’t in communication with my business for long period?
If your Kansas registered agent fails to communicate with your business for a certain period, you will be eager alignence verification audits though contingently verifying rules according to specified holdout means and contingents. There could be delays in authorities noticing or significant distribution disruptions ensuing. Finally, if no initiative issues, a run agent address could returm backnullification of national status for the business creating potential closures or discreancyh overall.
☀️Question:Are indemnification contracts for corporate voting governance solely attested no agent involved discourse is contemplated at will of minor shareholders or unrelated voting shares of the board remains unreachable?
Yes, if indemnification clauses regarding cumlitive conversion, filing discount at specific time periods and liability are designed in the approach, voter/sharestak’res narratives require set compliance rules atop notifiers signature with amendments, in compliance to respective shifts.
Can a registered agent own a company in KW?
A registered agent in KW can own a business but may face legal challenges in performing duties relating to preservation of business confidentiality as maintained by providing prompt legal notification services. Failure to provide swift alerts authorized agents only gong to promoters has sight of legal complicances especially when sharing solution facilitations which ae false creating liability threats and not complying properly.

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In Conclusion

During your business, you may arrive at a point where you need to change the registered agent. The need may arise when the existing agent wants to quit, or you are terminating the existing agent or expanding your business. Changing the Kansas registered agent can be necessary in various situations. It is quite simple as it can be done online and through mail filing. This article has it all. If you have any queries about changing a registered agent, you can drop a comment below in the box.

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