How to Change a Registered Agent in Kentucky

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Change in Kentucky Registered Agent: If you want to change the registered agent in Kentucky, then you need to file the statement of change of registered agent with the Kentucky Secretary of State. You can file it by mail or online after paying the state filing fee. Any Kentucky LLC can change the registered agent if they cancel the former one or the registered agent goes out of business.

Here on this page, you will read about how to change the registered agent in Kentucky and why you need to change the registered agent. Read this guide to know how to change a registered agent in Kentucky.

How to Change A Kentucky Registered Agent

To change a registered agent in Kentucky, one has to file the statement of change of the registered agent. You have to pay the filing fee of $10 to complete your application. To file for the Statement of Change of Registered Agent and/or Registered Office Address with the Kentucky Secretary of State, you can opt for any of the following methods:

Online Filing

If you wish to file for the change of registered agent online, follow the below-given instructions:

  1. Visit the Kentucky Secretary of State’s Fasttrack Organization website.
  2. Search for your business by entering the name in the search box.
  3. Search results will contain a list of companies having the name you searched for.
  4. Click on your company’s name.
  5. You will get the statement of change form. Complete the form, and the new registered agent will need to sign it.
  6. Submit the completed form along with the payment.

Filing Through Mail or In-person

For in-person or mail filings, you need to download the Statement of Change of Registered Agent and/or Registered Office Address (PDF) from the official website of the Kentucky Secretary of State. Complete the form by filling in all the required information about the LLC as well as both (new and existing) registered agents. The form has to be signed by the new registered agent. This will provide the consent of the new agent. Once completed, submit it to the below-mentioned address:

Important LinksSubmit Offline Form
Change of Registered Agent – Online
Change of Registered Agent – PDF
Kentucky Secretary of State
Kentucky Registered Agent – Requirement
Office of the Secretary of State
P.O. Box 718
Frankfort, KY 40602-0718

In-person submit,
Room 154, Capitol Building
700 Capital Ave.
Frankfort, KY 40601

Fee: The filing fee charged for changing the Kentucky registered agent is $10. This fee is to be paid through check or credit card to the Kentucky Secretary of State.

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Registered Agent Consent Letter in Kentucky

Some states have a provision for submitting the consent letter from the new registered agent. In Kentucky, there is no need to submit such a letter. The Statement of Change form is completed by the signature of the new registered agent and this is enough to prove the consent.

Why Do You Need to Change a Kentucky Registered Agent

There can be several reasons why LLCs want to change their registered agent in Kentucky. Some of the main and most important reasons are listed below,

Be Your Own Registered Agent

A very common reason is that if anyone wants to be his/her own registered agent. Any LLC owner can be the registered agent himself/herself as per the Kentucky Secretary of State. So, you may want to change the registered agent and become one yourself for your LLC. In that case, you have to submit the change form with your details.

Want to Hire a Professional Registered Agent

You may have designated yourself or someone from the family as the registered agent for your LLC in the initial phase. But with expansion in business, your roles and responsibilities also expand. You may not be present at the office during working hours. And a registered agent is required to be available in the office. So, you will need to hire a registered agent who could replace you.

Existing Registered Agent Resigns

If your current registered agent resigns or your service provider is out of business, then you can change your Registered Agent in Kentucky. You would need to change the registered agent if the existing one is resigning or going out of service.

Forming foreign LLC

This is to be noted that a person is eligible to be a Kentucky registered agent only if he/she is a Kentucky resident. So, if you are forming a foreign LLC in Kentucky, you might need to change your registered agent, because not all registered agents are eligible to work in different states. 


How to Become a Registered Agent?

To become a registered agent, one should meet the state requirements. These include that the person should be 18 or above years of age, should be a resident of the state within which the business operates, and must sign the Consent form.

Which form do I need to submit to change a Registered Agent for LLC in Kentucky?

A registered agent for LLC in Kentucky can be removed by submitting a Statement of Change of Registered Office and/or Registered Agent with the Kentucky Secretary of State.

How much is the filing fee for changing the registered agent in Kentucky?

The Kentucky Secretary of State charges $10 to change a registered agent.

In Conclusion

In the course of your business, you may arrive at a point where you need to change the registered agent. The need may arise when the existing agent wants to quit or you are expanding your business. The procedure to change the Kentucky registered agent is quite simple. It can be done online as well as through mail filing. 

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