How to Find the Best Kentucky Registered Agent

While the state of kentucky is known for its horse racing, bourbon, and other renowned attractions, it is also known for its low corporate, sales, and individual income taxes. While Kentucky is considered a low-tax state, doing business in the state requires compliance with many requirements. As such, finding the best kentucky registered agent is essential to ensuring your company is properly incorporated. Listed below are the top reasons to use a registered agent in kentucky.

Best Kentucky Registered Agent

Best Kentucky Registered Agent


As a registered agent in kentucky, you’re required to meet certain tax requirements to continue operating in the state. To begin with, you must apply for your Employer Identification Number, which helps identify your business when it pays federal taxes and reports wage withholding. To get your employer identification number, visit the Kentucky Department of Revenue website. You can then request a Certificate of Good Standing through the same website, or you can send a letter to your registered agent to get it.

Although ZenBusiness is a new company, the company is offering a low price for its Kentucky registered agent service. For just $39 a year, you can file articles of organization, as well as receive one year of registered agent services. The company began offering its services in 2015, and boasts that they’ve helped over 70,000 companies form in the last five years. Users give ZenBusiness positive feedback, and the service charges a modest $119 after the first year.

The registration of an llc in Kentucky is completed when an individual is named as its registered agent. To obtain the registration of an LLC, you must designate an agent and office. An individual resident of Kentucky can serve as a registered agent, provided their business address matches the registered office. ZenBusiness works with registered agents across Kentucky to help businesses form their entities. The incorporator and registered agent sign the Articles of Incorporation, and the Commonwealth of Kentucky reviews and accepts them. Once the Kentucky State Office has approved the Articles of Incorporation, your company will officially become a professional corporation.

The Northwest Registered Agent is another excellent service that can act as your registered agent in Kentucky. It provides a Kentucky street address for your business, accepts mail and service of process from the Secretary of State, and issues compliance filing notifications. Its US-based customer service team will answer any question you may have about your business. It also offers a US-based customer service team and a low price for multiple years of service. To get your company set up and running, contact Northwest Registered Agent today!


A legal document template service may be useful for some business transactions, but the registered agent service from LegalZoom isn’t. The online system for creating your registered agent isn’t very user-friendly, and the company’s customer support team doesn’t seem to know much about registered agent services. The company does, however, offer more services than other companies, including identity theft protection. So, it’s worth checking out this company’s other services if you’re planning to use one.

You can purchase a business license, operating agreement, and employer identification number through the LegalZoom website. The Operating Agreement outlines your business’s operations and provides a framework for resolving any disputes that might arise later. While most states don’t require an Operating Agreement, LegalZoom recommends it and offers it for $99! There’s no need to waste money on an Operating Agreement when LegalZoom can provide it for you for a mere $99!

When using LegalZoom, make sure to choose a company with a KY street address. This Kentucky registered agent can receive mail from the Secretary of State and service legal processes for you. Additionally, it will issue compliance filing notifications, remind you to file your forms and send documents to the Secretary of State, and give you up to $1 million in identity theft protection. The service will not cost you much, and it’s an excellent choice for many business needs.

If you’re looking for a cheap registered agent in Kentucky, Northwest Registered Agent might be the best choice. The company’s Kentucky registered agent is only $125 per year, but they also offer outstanding customer support and business support. The customer service team at Northwest Registered Agent is unparalleled in the business. And if you’re not interested in paying extra for premium services, this is a great choice. This company has the most customer-friendly customer service staff in the industry.


While the process of filing and managing state paperwork can be time-consuming, registering with a Registered Agent service can help you meet deadlines while still maintaining your privacy. Having a registered agent provides a public address for your business, but all official correspondence is forwarded to a private contact address. Additionally, the registered agent will manage your paperwork and keep you abreast of deadlines. Listed below are some benefits of using a Registered Agent service.

The ease of use is a top priority for Incfile. Customers can easily order and engage their service without difficulty. The Registered Agent Dashboard makes it easy to track and download documents. You can access the dashboard from any computer, at any time of day. There are no volume discounts, but Incfile’s customer support team is available around the clock to answer your questions and resolve any issues you might have. With an Incfile registered agent, you’ll be able to manage your company’s documents from anywhere.

Incfile offers a free option for filing an llc in Kentucky. The service costs $0 plus state filing fees. It will check if your business name is available, draft your articles of organization, and provide your company with a first-year registered agent. It promises a next-day filing of business documents. The company has helped more than 250,000 businesses establish themselves, and has a 4.8 rating from customers. Customers can check their Registered Agent information in the Kentucky SOS’s database to confirm if it’s accurate.

In order to receive documents from the state, your company must designate a Kentucky resident as its registered agent. You can choose an attorney, accountant, or attorney to act as your agent. It’s not recommended to choose a PO Box, as it’s unlikely your business will receive any mail from the state’s registered agent. The registered agent should be available to sign documents and receive service of process, which is a term that refers to lawsuits and legal documents.


In the United States, UpCounsel is the best choice for a Kentucky registered agent because of the service’s exemplary reputation. Its lawyers are admitted to the firm’s exclusive top-five percent, meaning their expertise and integrity are second to none. Additionally, its Kentucky registered agent service accepts service of process and mail from the Secretary of State. This service also sends compliance filing notifications and scans mail for you, as well as handles compliance filing notification forms and documents. Moreover, UpCounsel’s services are reasonably priced, as UpCounsel has an online portal where customers can manage their llc‘s registration.

Another option for a Kentucky registered agent is Northwest Registered Agent. The firm offers an online account and a variety of services, including mail forwarding, business address services, and transparent pricing. Their virtual mailbox service can scan mail and forward it to you electronically, and their Richmond location is used to receive service of process for small businesses in Kentucky. UpCounsel is also the best kentucky registered agent for small businesses.

When it comes to service, UpCounsel’s agents have a wealth of experience and expertise. With their extensive experience and expertise, UpCounsel is the best kentucky registered agent, and their competitive pricing makes them the best choice for a business owner looking for a Kentucky registered agent. Its Kentucky registered agent service also provides outstanding customer service and business support. The company isn’t the cheapest option, but it’s worth every penny. Its customer service is second to none.

IncFile is another cheap option for a Kentucky registered agent. For $159/year, it offers a Kentucky address and accepts service of process and mail during business hours. While it costs less than Northwest Registered Agent, it’s still not as good as Northwest. Other options include Rocket Lawyer, which is a cheap knockoff of LegalZoom. It charges $149 per state and does not offer compliance filing alerts.


If you’re looking for a Kentucky registered agent that can help you meet the legal requirements for your business, CSC is the right choice for you. CSC is a leading business compliance service that has been in business for over 120 years. As a Registered Agent, they’ll provide a business address in Kentucky for your LLC, receive and forward mail, and accept service of process for you. Their services include filing compliance reports, scanning mail, and alerts that keep you informed of important deadlines. They’ll even send you compliance filing notifications via email. And you can expect to pay less than $125 per year.

When choosing a Kentucky registered agent, it’s important to know what their services offer and how their fees compare to those of the larger firms. While some registered agents offer more perks, they’re largely limited in what they can do. Typically, you’ll have to pay a flat fee, and you’ll have to deal with a local representative who’s available during business hours. Many CSC agents offer other benefits, such as free email support and text notifications.

Another benefit of CSC is their online account. They offer a convenient online portal, so you can view and download documents. The online portal lets you track the status of any documents that are served to your business. And they even offer identity theft protection, so that your personal details aren’t published online. In short, they’re the best choice for your business in Kentucky. This service also provides excellent value for money.

A registered agent’s job is crucial to your business’s success. This person will receive all the necessary documents and alert you when they arrive. And since the role is so vital, you’ll want to ensure that the agent you choose is located in the same state as your company. The process of choosing a registered agent is easy, but you should make sure that the office is located in Kentucky. In the event that a company is sued in the state of Kentucky, the registered agent will be notified and can file an appeal.

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