Best California Registered Agent Services

If you’re in california, you can either be your own Registered Agent or use another person’s address. However, you must be available during regular business hours. Alternatively, you can hire a Registered Agent to act on your behalf. However, it’s important to note that if you hire a Registered Agent, you must be okay with having their address published in the public record. In either case, you can choose the best option for your needs.

Best California Registered Agent

Best California Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent

For your business in california, the services of Northwest Registered Agent llc are vital. Not only does this registered agent company offer correspondence services, but they also take security very seriously. This california registered agent company also runs its operations in-house, so you can rest assured that your information is safe with them. However, the starting price of their services is high. That said, you can take advantage of their free one-year representation option and reasonable consulting fees.

Another service that Northwest Registered Agent in California provides is llc formation. You can file your articles of organization with this service and they will file the necessary paperwork with the state government. These documents are also known as Certificate of Organization or Formation. Additionally, you can also take advantage of their free annual report reminders, mail scanning, and lifetime customer support. You can also choose to get the Registered Agent service for your business for one year for free, and then pay $125 per year for it. The Registered Agent will receive and handle legal mail, state notices, and other correspondence on your behalf.


When you incorporate your business in California, you will need a registered agent. In most states, this person must be physically located at the registered business address during business hours. Your registered agent is responsible for handling legal documents on your behalf. While it is your responsibility to make sure that your registered agent is always available to receive official documents, ZenBusiness partners offer a registered corporate agent service that will fulfill your legal obligations. ZenBusiness’s partners are knowledgeable about various types of business entities and will help you navigate the nuances of registration law. You can find registered agent services through ZenBusiness for a flat fee of $99/year.

Both ZenBusiness and IncFile will provide you with a california registered agent. You can choose to serve as your own registered agent, or designate a family member or friend to act as your registered agent. Other options include hiring a lawyer or accountant, or using an online business service. Regardless of the registered agent you choose, you should choose someone who is familiar with California llc law and can serve as your representative in the state.


Regardless of whether you’re setting up a new business or are trying to establish a permanent address in California, Incfile is a great option. They offer affordable registration services and help for any business entity. However, they have a difficult refund policy and have mixed reviews – over 27000 users have reported negative experiences with the service. One positive attribute of Incfile is that they have a physical address that’s free for business mail.

The cost of Incfile Gold and Platinum plans is only $149 each (excluding state fees) and $299 for the Platinum package, which includes a domain name and email. These plans come with additional benefits like free expedited filing services and a free 12-month period. While there are no volume discounts available with Incfile, their pricing is significantly cheaper than competitors and you’ll receive notifications via email when relevant documents are forwarded. Additionally, Incfile’s subscription plans include a digital dashboard, automatic mail forwarding of pertinent information, and a number of other added-on features.

Incfile also provides registered agent services. Their registered agents service includes a physical address for receiving documents and notifying business owners when documents are received. Additionally, they provide online access to their registered agent and their service is available round the clock. While it lacks volume discounts, Incfile is still a good choice for many small businesses. In addition to being an excellent registered agent, Incfile also offers several premium features to keep you organized and compliant.


If you’re looking for the best registered agent service, then consider using LegalZoom. With millions of customers and the highest brand recognition, LegalZoom has the advantages of a well-established brand. Plus, their registered agent service includes a host of other services that competitors don’t. For example, you can choose to have your documents scanned and forwarded to you, and the company will notify you if you’ve received any court summonses.

A registered agent service will take care of all of these details for you, including storing your business documents and registering your business. You will also have access to an online account with all the legal documents you need. While registering with a registered agent service, it is important to choose one that will influence all 50 states, not just California. Listed above is a comparison of a few of the most popular registered agent services.

If you’re looking for a premium California registered agent service, LegalZoom is the best option. For a low price, you’ll get a California business address and up to $1 million in identity theft protection. In addition, they are approved by the California Secretary of State. Regardless of your preferred type of registered agent, there’s a legal entity that’s right for you. With a little research, you can choose from LegalZoom.

Swyft Filing

In California, Swyft Filing is the best registered agent service because of the wide range of services it offers. As a registered agent, they help you establish LLCs and register other business entities. You can also take advantage of their assistance with preparing legal documents such as EIN registration and other important documents. This company was founded in 2015 in Houston and has already received many positive reviews from its customers.

A registered agent service can help you form your LLC online. You can also designate a registered agent if you want. The registered agent will use your address as your official business address, and you will receive important document deliveries and official correspondence from the state government. Swyft Filing partners with LegalCorp Solutions, a company dedicated to registered agent services. However, if you’re looking for something different, you can also use Swyft Filing’s other registered agent service.

Customers of Swyft Filings have consistently high ratings, mentioning their agents by name in the reviews. Their customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. CST, and you can also reach them by email. Their low prices and fast turn-around time make them a top choice. Thousands of satisfied customers have already recommended Swyft Filing to their friends and family.


If you are based in California, you may want to consider using IncParadise as your California registered agent. They can help you with the legal requirements of california llcs and can help you change registered agent service if you wish. They offer a full range of registered agent services to meet your specific needs. Read on to learn more about how IncParadise can help you. This California registered agent company offers a range of services for businesses, including the following:

A California registered agent must have experience representing 50 or more business entities, and they must have handled service of process for at least one year. IncParadise is the best california registered agent available, with experience representing more than 10,000 businesses and are fully compliant with California Corporations Code. Listed below are just a few of the many benefits that IncParadise offers. You can benefit from our business license research report to make sure that you’re in compliance with the law.

InCorp Registered Agent

InCorp is an excellent choice for an InCorp Registered Agent in California. They offer services in all 50 US states, including California, the District of Columbia, and U.S. Virgin Islands. The prices are competitive, and their national registered agent service covers every state and the District of Columbia, plus Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Customers enjoy excellent customer service from experienced representatives who are available by phone or through live chat.

The cost of this service is low, at just $159 per year, and the services are certified by the California Secretary of State. Registered agents provide typical business services, such as service of process notifications, filing statements of information, and more. SunDoc Filings, for instance, provides this service for less than a hundred dollars a year. InCorp Registered Agent in California is also certified by the Secretary of State, and it provides the same benefits as Harbor Compliance.

If your business is incorporated in California, the State of California requires that it choose a registered agent who will act as its legal representative. Choosing a Registered Agent from an outside corporation raises privacy concerns because California requires that the Agent has a physical address. This means that the state can serve papers right at their door if needed. In addition, the physical address of the Registered Agent is public record. That’s why many companies don’t want to use a physical address for their registered agent.

Harbor Compliance

If you’re looking for a registered agent in California, Harbor Compliance may be the answer. This relatively new company has been serving more than 25,000 organizations since 2012. As of December 2016, it has received an A+ rating with the better business bureau and is currently the top choice among small businesses and non-profits. Their registered agent service costs $99 per year, and they offer several helpful tools to keep track of compliance, including an operating agreement template.

Whether you’re forming an LLC or a corporation, you’ll need a California registered agent to help you comply with legal requirements and maintain your company’s good standing with the Secretary of State. Harbor Compliance’s statutory agent is available to answer your questions during normal business hours and ensures your company’s name is available to the public. Other services offered by Harbor Compliance include scanning, uploading, and forwarding mail, and providing customer support.

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