How to Find the Best Registered Agent Services in Colorado

There are many advantages to using a registered agent service, and colorado is no exception. Not only do registered agents handle the paperwork for you, they also offer other services such as in-house attorneys and web chat apps. LegalZoom is a great choice for registered agents, as it offers a comprehensive list of services and supports over 2 million people, with attorneys located in all 50 states. Compared to the cost of hiring an attorney, LegalZoom offers many more benefits.

Best Colorado Registered Agent

Best Colorado Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent

If you’re looking for a reliable registered agent in colorado, you might want to check out the services of Northwest Registered Agent. The registered agent service they provide comes with an extensive customer support team, which includes accountants, attorneys, and former business owners. Their team is available seven days a week, during business hours, to help you with any questions you may have. They have over 3,000 positive customer reviews, so you can be confident that you’re working with a reputable company.

When you choose Northwest Registered Agent as your registered agent in colorado, you get all the services you need at a reasonable price. They offer excellent customer service and provide an excellent registered agent service at an affordable cost. This service is also very user-friendly, and you can find all the information you need within a few clicks. You can even opt for a free trial of the service before signing up. This is the best way to see whether this company is right for you.

If you want to save money and have a registered agent in Colorado without hiring a lawyer, you can also use Rocket Lawyer. This company is a knockoff of LegalZoom, and provides a street address in Colorado. Rocket Lawyer also accepts service of process for your Colorado llc and forwards mail. While it costs $149 per state, it doesn’t provide nearly as much value as Northwest Registered Agent. You should check out both of these services before making your final decision.

It’s also a good idea to hire a registered agent in Colorado with experience in Colorado. You will benefit from their industry-leading customer service and small business support. Northwest Registered Agent is the most recommended registered agent in Colorado for llcs, and you can also hire Harbor Compliance for cheaper services. But remember that it’s always best to find an experienced registered agent for your business, so don’t make a rash decision.


When you’re forming a company in Colorado, you’ll need a registered agent to act as your company’s contact point for legal correspondence. Generally, this is an individual located in the state, and they must have a street address. A registered agent has several duties, including receiving notices from the state and responding to inquiries from business owners. It is also important to remember that Colorado requires a physical address for a registered agent, so be sure to choose one in your area.

Your colorado registered agent will receive government notifications sent to other companies in your state, as well as any litigation service documents you might receive. You’ll also be able to save money by ordering multiple years’ worth of service. InCorp offers a convenient online account for you to store your documents, and their customer service representatives will be available to respond to any questions you may have. By using a registered agent service, you can rest assured that your company will always have a representative on hand, even if you’re away from home or office for extended periods.

A colorado registered agent must be a full-time resident of the state. The agent must have a physical address and business hours in Colorado. A post office box does not qualify as a physical address. Small companies generally name a director or officer as their initial agent. If you’d like to name a different agent later, you can always make another appointment. Just make sure that the original agent consents to the change.

A registered agent plays a vital role for a business. They act as the middleman between the business and the public. This is especially crucial if you’re sued by a third party. It can be impossible to be aware of every detail of a lawsuit as it progresses through the court system without your knowledge. You should always consider hiring a registered agent to protect your business. You may want to consider a company that offers privacy for its Registered Agent.


If you’re considering forming an llc, ZenBusiness can help. They offer professional LLC formation services, such as writing the articles of organization. Additionally, they provide full-service statutory agent services, including accepting mail and documents and serving process. ZenBusiness charges $99 per year for its basic services, and the company also provides a street address in Colorado. However, you should be aware that you may be charged more if you need full-service statutory agent services.

A registered agent acts as an official contact for a Colorado corporation. The agent must be an individual or business that can receive and store official mail and legal documents. ZenBusiness’ registered agent service is available to Colorado corporations. It is necessary to fill out the Articles of Incorporation and list the incorporator, the person or entity that will serve as the company’s registered agent. In addition to being the official contact point for official mail, a registered agent helps to avoid unwanted visits from potential customers and vendors.

The registered agent should be a Colorado resident. This means they cannot be a resident of another state. Some smart registered agent choices include attorneys, accountants, and other partners of an LLC. Having someone familiar with your business operations is helpful, as this will increase trust and ease of contact. Additionally, hiring a friend or acquaintance for registered agent service often does not cost any money. It can be a good alternative to a professional service.

The registered agent service you choose should be affordable and reliable. ZenBusiness, IncFile, and other online business formation services will take care of the articles of organization and the other formation requirements for you. A registered agent service will also include free LLC formation. These services are convenient because they do the legal paperwork, such as filing Articles of Organization, and the required documents. You can even opt for free registered agent service if you are not sure what to do.

Harbor Compliance

You can find registered agent services in Colorado by comparing the different options available online. There are a few main reasons to use a registered agent service. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution, then consider Harbor Compliance. Not only does it provide a great service for a very reasonable price, but it also provides a wealth of services, including a secure online database, email and phone notifications, and up to $1 million in identity theft insurance.

Customers love Harbor Compliance’s customer support. You can reach a live agent, send an email, or simply speak with an account representative over the phone. Their website has an extensive FAQ section and video guides to help you get started. The company has a high BBB rating and numerous positive reviews on social media sites. You can also download forms and complete them on-line from the company’s website. Additionally, you can save money if you use Harbor Compliance for a year.

When choosing a registered agent, you should consider the company’s reputation. Harbor Compliance has received excellent reviews on numerous review sites. The company offers two packages, one of which includes filing articles of organization and an annual report. These documents are then submitted to the state for confirmation. If you have any questions or concerns about the process, you can talk to a specialist. During the initial consultation, Harbor Compliance will explain how they can help you best.

If you’re looking for a registered agent service in Colorado, you may want to look into Harbor Compliance. While it’s not the cheapest, nor is it the most expensive option, it offers many features and discounts. Harbor Compliance’s website is easy to navigate and has a simple information center to answer your questions. Their website offers pre-filled state forms and has helpful customer support. It’s definitely worth checking out.


While most formation companies provide this service for a nominal fee, it is highly recommended that you find a registered agent that suits your needs and budget. You’ll be surprised to learn that you’re legally required to hire a registered agent. This person is responsible for identifying official documents sent to the company’s address, cataloging and storing them, and even receiving court alerts and junk mail. The following is a detailed comparison of registered agents in Colorado.

One reason to choose LegalZoom is its ease of use. The startup wizard guides you through each feature and provides links for more information. However, you should be aware that it is possible to wind up paying for unnecessary add-ons, resulting in increased expenses. Additionally, the application process can be time-consuming, since the service checks to make sure the company name is available for registration. In addition, there’s a risk of paying for unnecessary add-ons, such as a financial account authorization letter.

One of the most popular options among colorado registered agent services is ZenBusiness. This company can help you form an LLC, draft its Articles of Organization, and provide you with a street address in the state. ZenBusiness also offers full-service statutory agent services, accepting documents and service of process. This company charges $99 a year for minimal services. However, this service does not come with any help desk, and their customer support team isn’t as courteous as those of Northwest Registered Agent.

Another option for a Colorado registered agent is Rocket Lawyer. This service is a knockoff of LegalZoom and provides a Colorado street address. It accepts service of process and accepts mail on behalf of its clients, but it does not provide the same quality of service as Northwest Registered Agent. It is also a bit more expensive than LegalZoom and should only be used if you’re not interested in having a lawyer handle your company’s paperwork.

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