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Appointing a Registered Agent in Alaska is an important step while forming an LLC in Alaska. In Alaska, the registered agents are commonly known as Registered Agent (while in other states the term varies). The individual, holding the position of a Registered Agent, becomes the point of contact between your LLC and the government. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to appoint an efficient and professional registered agent for your LLC.

In this article, LLCBuddy editors bring up a list of top registered agents in Alaska you can hire while forming your Limited Liability Company. Explore the price, features, and other points before you buy the services.

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Best Registered Agent Services in Alaska

As mentioned, a Registered Agent is the main point of contact for your LLC with the state. The individual is pretty much the main character in your LLC story. Later on, if and when you dissolve your business, the Registered Agent plays a pivotal role in processing things legally. Hence, having a professional and experienced registered agent for your LLC is a mandatory task.

Below, we have listed the top registered agent services available in Alaska. We have shared their price, features, and details about their services. Compare before you jump and buy their services for your organization.

1. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness has been designed to meet all the demands of modern businesses in terms of providing remarkable and comprehensive registered agent services. They have several features that make it easier for you to operate your business and remain compliant:

  • Legal document receipt and forwarding – important legal documents from state authorities are forwarded to the client
  • Online document access – these received documents are scanned and uploaded into safe depositories where customers can easily access them whenever they want on their secure online dashboard.
  • Compliance alerts – don’t worry about filing deadlines as ZenBusiness will help you to be on time,
  • Privacy protection– therefore you can use Zenbusiness’s address as your official business address which ensures that your personal information is not exposed in public records.
  • Service in all 50 states
  • Efficient: Expert support like those who know what they are doing and how to do it best.


ZenBusiness offers two types of Registered Agent services in Alaska. If you already formed your LLC, you can still get their Registered Agent Service by paying $99 for the first year and then a $199 renewal amount per year from the 2nd year. They have another option for Registered Agent Service, that is ‘Registered Agent Service with Annual Worry-free Compliance’ – this package costs $199/year for 1st year and $398/year renewal from 2nd year onwards.

If you want to form your LLC with ZenBusiness, the starting pack starts from $0 (Basic). You can still buy the Registered Agent service for your LLC in Alaska at the cost mentioned above.

ZenBusiness LLC formation Packages:

  • Standard: $0 starting from the basic package with such typical functions as LLC formation, document filing with Alaska Secretary of State, and Registered Agent at an additional cost.
  • Pro: At $199, this mid-tier option also includes an annual report filing feature together with compliance alerts.
  • Premium: Priced at $349 per year which adds up the whole complete service for instance a business address and mail forwarding.

At times, ZenBusiness provides offers or discounts, particularly for new customers or people who add registered agent services to other business establishment packages. You may want to check their website for updated deals.

How to Get a Registered Agent in Alaska

It is straightforward to start with ZenBusiness as your registered agent in Alaska. Visit ZenBusiness following the link, click on the ‘Start Now’ button, choose your state, submit the details of your LLC, and proceed to pay for the service. Once you make the payment, you will receive a confirmation email/message. It will be done within a few minutes.

Getting a licensed service provider like ZenBusiness allows LLCs to manage business more easily and remain legal about it which would then involve various features they provide, competitive prices on offer plus how simple it is for any sized enterprise to get started here.

2. Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent (NWRA) is an established company that specializes in comprehensive registered agent services for businesses throughout the United States. The firm’s attention to detail and excellent customer service have endeared it to entrepreneurs as well as existing companies. Here are several features, pricing, and how to get their registered agent services.

  • Nationwide coverage: Every state and Washington D.C. provides registered agent services via Northwest.
  • Same-day document scanning: All documents received are scanned, and then uploaded to your online account the same day.
  • Compliance calendar: A personalized calendar for keeping track of crucial filing deadlines and requirements.
  • Annual report reminders: Informative alerts about upcoming due dates for annual reports.
  • Online document access: A user-friendly web portal providing secure 24/7 access to all your vital business documents.
  • Corporate guides: Expert business consultants available for advice on various business issues.
  • Privacy protection: To maintain personal privacy, public documents use Northwest’s address.
  • Mail forwarding: Choose this option if you want your business mail sent elsewhere.
  • Pre-filled state forms: State-specific forms with your company information already filled in for easy filing purposes.
  • Free phone service: This is a dedicated local number forwarded when necessary, which may be obtained without charge by any new client who wishes so through the NWRA website or by calling direct telephone numbers provided on their website at any time during the working hours stated therein.


Northwest Registered Agent offers transparent pricing for its services. The standard fee for registered agent service amounts to $125 per year per state. This flat-rate fee includes all the core features mentioned above, with no hidden costs or upsells attached thereto herewith,

Northwest Registered Agent gives discounts in case you need its services in multiple states. Thus, the more states you require service in, the less you will pay per state. Moreover, there are often some promotions for new clients and it may be worth checking out their website to see if any are going on at the moment,

While Northwest’s prices may be slightly higher than those of other providers, many customers feel that they are justified by the quality of service and comprehensive features included in their base package.

How to Get a Registered Agent

Getting registered agent services from Northwest Registered Agent is simple:

  • Go to the Northwest Registered Agent website.
  • On their main page click “Sign Up” or “Get Started”.
  • Choose your state(s) where you need registered agent service.
  • Decide if you are creating a new business or want to change your existing registered agent.
  • If you are starting a new company, select your entity type (LLC, Corporation, etc.) then follow through with ordering.
  • For existing business switching agents fill out your business information as directed and complete the switch.
  • Confirm your order details then proceed to checkout.
  • After paying for this service NWRA will provide required documents that should be filed with the state where you want them to act as your registered agent.
  • Submit these forms to the Secretary of State office or its equivalent agency in your respective state.

Once approved, Northwest will start acting as a registered agent for your Limited Liability Company under its Articles of Organization or Incorporation.

Northwest Registered Agent Services offers a reliable solution for businesses seeking professional registered agent services. They have positioned themselves as trusted partners with their comprehensive features, transparent pricing, and easy registration process for businesses of all sizes across the United States.

3. LegalZoom

LegalZoom offers a Registered Agent service aimed at simplifying business operations and maintaining adherence. The company is the oldest one among the close competitors that provide LLC formation services. LegalZoom, like many other top-rated companies offers LLC formation at $0. Here are some important factors in choosing LegalZoom for your registered agent,

  • Correspondence Management: Your registered agent handles all correspondence, legal documents, and state notifications on behalf of your company.
  • Document Scanning and Upload: Incoming documents are promptly scanned within 24 hours. Made accessible through an online platform.
  • Compliance Alerts: Stay informed about filing deadlines and report due dates.
  • Online Document Retrieval: Access your documents conveniently through a user portal anytime you need them.
  • Privacy Assurance: Utilize LegalZoom’s address as your business address to maintain confidentiality in records.
  • Nationwide Reach: Ideal, for businesses operating across locations as LegalZoom offers registered agent services nationwide.

You’ll receive a calendar with all the dates specific to your business needs. Feel free to reach out to LegalZooms customer care team if you have any questions or concerns, about your registered agent service.


LegalZoom offers moderate rates for their Registered Agent services. Currently, the standard price is $249 per year covering services for one year in one state. For businesses operating in states, LegalZoom provides discounted rates when registering in states. To check prices or inquire about volume discounts visit their website. Contact their sales team.

While not the inexpensive option there many businesses appreciate LegalZoom’s service for its extensive features and reliability. The peace of mind that comes from having a reputable firm manage your compliance needs is invaluable.

How to get LegalZoom Registered Agent service:

  • Visit the Registered Agent service page, on LegalZoom’s website.
  • Choose the state where you want to incorporate your business or appoint an agent.
  • Specify if you are starting a business or switching, from another registered agent service provider.
  • Provide details such as your business name, entity type, and contact information.
  • Review the order details carefully before proceeding to make the payment.
  • Once done move on to select your payment method(s).

Legal Zoom will prepare the documents for filing in your state to officially designate them as your registered agent once your order is processed. If you need to change your registered agent submit the required forms to the Secretary of State Office or relevant authority in your state. Upon approval by the state authorities, LegalZoom can act as a representative on your behalf.

LegalZoom typically expedites order processing. It may take a day for orders to be processed depending on how quickly individual state authorities respond.

By choosing LegalZoom as your registered agent you are establishing a partnership with a company that has built a reputation over time. Their comprehensive services can help ensure that your business remains legally compliant allowing you to focus on tasks, like growing your enterprise.

4. TailorBrands

TailorBrands, known for its branding and logo design services, also offers registered agent services to help businesses maintain compliance. Let’s explore the features, pricing, and how to get started with TailorBrands’ Registered Agent Service.

  • Legal Document Handling: Get and keep important legal documents such as service of process, government notices, and compliance-related correspondence.
  • Compliance Management: Help to ensure that your business complies with state requirements by tracking and notifying you of important filing deadlines.
  • Privacy Protection: Use the address of the registered agent in place of your address so that there is privacy as well as prevent unwanted mails or visits.
  • Nationwide Service: This can be accessed in all 50 states which implies you can do business registrations and maintenance in more than one state if the need arises.
  • Business Address: Offer a physical location within the state of incorporation, which is often mandatory for starting a business entity.
  • Mail Forwarding: Transfer crucial mailings plus essential legal notices to an address designated by you only.
  • Customer Support: Get help from well-informed customer service representatives regarding issues or questions related to registered agent services.

TailorBrands’ registered agent services go beyond just fulfilling a legal requirement. They offer a streamlined solution to help you manage your business’s legal obligations efficiently and professionally.


TailorBrands offers competitive pricing for its registered agent services. While exact prices may vary depending on your specific needs and location, they generally fall within the industry average range of $100 to $300 per year.

The company often provides discounts for multi-year commitments or when bundling the service with other TailorBrands offerings. It’s best to check their website or contact their sales team for the most up-to-date pricing information and any current promotions.

Remember that while cost is an important factor, the reliability and quality of the service should be your primary consideration when choosing a registered agent.

How to Get a Registered Agent

Getting started with TailorBrands Registered Agent Services is a simple process:

  1. Visit the TailorBrands website and navigate to their registered agent services page.
  2. Select your state of incorporation or where you need the registered agent service.
  3. Choose between a new registered agent service or transferring from your current provider.
  4. Provide necessary information about your business, including your company name, address, and contact details.
  5. Review the service agreement and pricing details.
  6. Complete the payment process to finalize your registration.
  7. Once confirmed, TailorBrands will provide you with the necessary documentation to file with your state, officially designating them as your registered agent.
  8. Set up your online account to access your dashboard and manage your documents.

After completing these steps, TailorBrands will begin serving as your registered agent, handling your important legal and tax documents and helping you maintain compliance with state regulations.

With competitive pricing, comprehensive features, and an easy setup process, it’s worth considering for both new and established businesses. Remember to evaluate your specific needs and compare options before deciding to ensure you choose the best registered agent service for your company.

5. BetterLegal

BetterLegal will help you satisfy your legal obligations and systemize your business processes by providing you with a dependable registered agent service. Let’s look at the characteristics, pricing, and how to begin working with BetterLegal as your registered agent.

  • Legal Mail Receipt and Forwarding: All official mail for example tax forms, legal notices, and other important papers are received by BetterLegal on behalf of your company.
  • Same-day Document Scanning: Scanned documents are made available on the day they arrive in your secure online account hence making it easy for you to search relevant information quickly.
  • Compliance Reminders: Automated reminders about filing deadlines for annual reports and other necessary compliance matters let you be aware anytime it is needed.
  • Online Access to Documents: Use an online portal with a simple user interface to access any legal document from any place at any time.
  • Security of Information: While using BetterLegal one can have personal addresses removed from public records since this will enhance privacy while lowering unwanted emails or calls.
  • Nationwide Coverage: Choose BetterLegal irrespective of whether you operate within a single state or across all states in America for this service in every state.
  • Expert Help: For clarifications etc. just make contact with their customer care executives who know much about registered agent service details.


The standard charge per year per state for availing BetterLegal’s registered agent service equals $90. This type of pricing model helps clients understand what amounts businesses should set aside annually toward fulfilling their compliance needs. No hidden fees are found here thus; such type of business support may be suitable for all small-scale companies or big ones as well.

BetterLegal may give volume discounts to companies operating in more than one state. If you need registered agent services in several states, then feel free to contact their sales team directly for particular prices.

How to Get BetterLegal Registered Agent Service

The process of obtaining BetterLegal’s registered agent service is simple:

  • Go to the BetterLegal website: Find the section on registered agent on their official site.
  • Choose your state: Select the state(s) where you need registered agent service.
  • Provide required details: Fill in necessary forms including company name, address, and contacts.
  • Review and confirm: Go through each detail provided for accuracy purposes before confirming them.
  • Make payment: To finalize a deal with them, pay the annual fee securely via their secured transaction system.
  • Confirm receipt of payment: Once your payment has gone through, you will receive an email confirmation along with further instructions on how to access your account online.
  • Update your record-keeping system: Afterward, file appropriate forms with the government office to officially change your business’ registered agent to BetterLegal.
  • Start using the service: Benefit from document management and compliance assistance offered by BetterLegal as its registered agent.

You are deciding to hire BetterLegal as your registered agent, and that will help your business stay within the law while also benefiting from its efficiency and simplicity. They are perfect for businesses that need reliable registered agents because they have affordable prices and all-encompassing features.

Hiring a Registered Agent in Alaska

You may have several options for hiring a registered agent in Alaska. To become a registered agent, one has to meet the basic eligibility criteria. If the minimum requirements are fulfilled, anyone residing in Alaska can represent your LLC as your registered agent.


Who Can Be a Registered Agent

  • The person must be above 18 years old.
  • The person must have a legal and physical address in the state where the LLC will operate.
  • The person must be physically present during normal working hours.
  • Anyone who fulfills the above requirements can act as a registered agent.
  • Recommended – You should use a professional registered agent in Alaska always.

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent

Yes, you can be your own registered agent in Alaska. In fact, any member of the LLC, managers, and the owner can be a registered agent. Besides, someone from the owners’ family, such as a spouse, relatives, or other family members, can also act as a registered agent. As mentioned above, anyone who is representing the business as an agent should fulfill the basic criteria.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Your Own Registered Agent

Many small businesses do not hire a registered agent to save a chunk of money. However, it is not recommended to be your own registered agent. There are a bunch of problems one has to face while being a registered agent of his own LLC. Following are some of the issues you face,

  • If you are operating your business from home or you are into web business, then your home address will be shared on the public portal. This address will be used for mailing and other official purposes. This will hamper your privacy.
  • A registered agent has to be physically available at the official address during working hours on working days for 52 weeks. Being your own registered agent might restrict your other work due to this.
  • The registered agent’s address must be up to date in the Secretary of State portal.

It is recommended to outsource the registered agent service to ease your work. As it protects your privacy, especially if you conduct your business from home. It is always wise to outsource the RA service rather than be your own registered agent.

How to Appoint Registered Agent in Alaska

At the time of submitting the Alaska Articles of Organization, the Registered Agent can be appointed by the LLC. It can be done online or by mail. No additional fee is charged for appointing a Registered Agent. Only the state filing fee should be paid.

registered agent

Appoint Registered Agent Online

To appoint a registered agent online, you have to go to the Alaska Secretary of State business filing page and provide the information of your Registered Agent accordingly.

Appoint Registered Agent By Mail

To appoint a registered agent in Alaska by mail, you need to download the Alaska LLC filing form. Fill up the “Registered Agent” section with the appropriate details of the agent and submit it to the SOS office. For more information, read on Alaska Articles of Organization.

Cost of Alaska Registered Agent

The cost of having a registered agent can be variable. It depends on whether you are employing an in-house registered agent, being your own agent, or outsourcing the service. The cost of having a registered agent can start from $90 and go up to $300 per year. It will be cost-effective if you outsource the registered agent service in Alaska.

Registered Agent services that also provide LLC formation packages can provide the same service at a lower price. For example, ZenBusiness Registered Agent offers standalone registered agent service at $199 per year, but if you buy their LLC formation package at $0 + state fees, you might get a low cost for registered agent service.

Things to Know About Alaska Before Starting an LLC

  • State Name: Alaska
  • State ID: AK
  • Alternative Name: The Last Frontier
  • State Moto: North to the future
  • State Capital: Juneau
  • Population: 740,339
  • State GDP: 65,130
  • State Secretary of State: Alaska Secretary of State
  • State Registered Agent Change fee: $25
  • SOS Address for mail and physical visit: State of Alaska Corporations Section, P.O. Box 110806, Juneau, AK 99811
  • State LLC filing fee: $250
  • State Corporation filing fee: $250 for filing online and by mail
  • State LLC Amendment fee: $25
  • State LLC Annual Report filing fee: $50, $100 for 2 years
  • Top Businesses in State: Restaurant, Music Venue, Travel Agency, Tutoring, and Car Repair


What is a registered agent in Alaska?
A registered agent in Alaska is a designated individual or company responsible for receiving legal and official documents on behalf of a business entity in the state.
Why do I need a registered agent in Alaska?
A registered agent in Alaska is required by law for all businesses operating in the state to ensure they can be reached for legal notices and documents.
Can I be my own registered agent in Alaska?
Yes, you can be your own registered agent in Alaska as long as you meet the state’s requirements, such as having a physical address in Alaska where legal documents can be served during business hours.
Can a registered agent in Alaska be a corporation?
Yes, a registered agent in Alaska can be a corporation as long as it is authorized to do business in the state and has a physical address where legal documents can be served.
How do I change my registered agent in Alaska?
To change your registered agent in Alaska, you must file the necessary forms with the Alaska Division of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing and pay the required fee.
What happens if I don’t have a registered agent in Alaska?
Failure to maintain a registered agent in Alaska can result in serious consequences, including administrative dissolution of your business entity.
Can I appoint a registered agent in Alaska after forming my business?
Yes, you can appoint a registered agent in Alaska after forming your business by submitting the necessary forms to the state.
Do I need a physical address for my registered agent in Alaska?
Yes, you need a physical address for your registered agent in Alaska where legal documents can be served during business hours.
Can a registered agent in Alaska receive any type of legal document?
A registered agent in Alaska can receive any type of legal document or official notice on behalf of a business entity, including lawsuits, subpoenas, and tax notices.
What are the qualifications to be a registered agent in Alaska?
To be a registered agent in Alaska, you must be a resident of the state, have a physical address in Alaska, and be available during normal business hours to receive legal documents.
How much does it cost to hire a registered agent in Alaska?
The cost of hiring a registered agent in Alaska can vary depending on the service provider, but it is typically an annual fee ranging from $50 to $200.
Can a registered agent in Alaska help me with business compliance requirements?
Yes, a registered agent in Alaska can help you stay compliant with state regulations by receiving and forwarding important legal documents and notices to you in a timely manner.
Do I need a registered agent in Alaska for my LLC?
Yes, all LLCs operating in Alaska are required to have a registered agent to receive legal documents and official notices on behalf of the business entity.
Can a registered agent in Alaska help me form a new business entity?
While a registered agent in Alaska is not specifically tasked with helping you form a new business entity, they can often provide guidance and assistance with the process.
How quickly can I change my registered agent in Alaska?
The process for changing your registered agent in Alaska can typically be completed within a few business days, depending on the efficiency of the filing and approval process.
Can I act as my own registered agent in Alaska if my business address is outside the state?
No, you cannot act as your own registered agent in Alaska if your business address is outside the state. You must have a physical address in Alaska for receiving legal documents.
Do I need to notify the state if I change my registered agent in Alaska?
Yes, you must notify the state of Alaska if you change your registered agent by submitting the necessary forms and paying the required fee.
Can a registered agent in Alaska help me with annual report filings?
While helping with annual report filings is not typically within the scope of a registered agent’s duties, they can often assist you in staying informed about important deadlines and requirements.
Can I change my registered agent in Alaska to a different individual or company?
Yes, you can change your registered agent in Alaska to a different individual or company by following the state’s requirements for filing the necessary forms and paying the designated fee.
Is there a deadline for appointing a registered agent in Alaska after forming my business?
Yes, there is a deadline for appointing a registered agent in Alaska after forming your business. You must have a registered agent at the time of formation or within a specified timeframe set by the state.
Can a registered agent in Alaska serve as my official point of contact with the state government?
While a registered agent in Alaska can receive legal documents and notices on your behalf, they typically do not act as your official point of contact with the state government for all business matters.
Can I appoint multiple registered agents for my business in Alaska?
No, you cannot appoint multiple registered agents for your business in Alaska. You must choose one designated individual or company to serve as your registered agent.
Can a registered agent in Alaska sign legal documents on behalf of my business?
A registered agent in Alaska is not authorized to sign legal documents on behalf of your business unless specifically authorized to do so by you as the business owner.
Are there any restrictions on who can serve as a registered agent in Alaska?
Individuals and companies with a physical address in Alaska and the ability to receive legal documents during business hours can serve as registered agents in Alaska.
What is a registered agent and why is it important in Alaska?
A registered agent is a person or entity responsible for receiving important legal documents on behalf of a business in Alaska.
Do I need to have a registered agent in Alaska?
Yes, all businesses registered in Alaska are required to have a registered agent with a physical address in the state.
Can I serve as my own registered agent in Alaska?
Yes, you can serve as your own registered agent in Alaska as long as you have a physical address within the state.
What are the qualifications for being a registered agent in Alaska?
A registered agent in Alaska must have a physical address in the state, be available during business hours, and be a legal resident or business entity authorized to do business in Alaska.
Why should I hire a professional registered agent service in Alaska?
Hiring a professional registered agent service in Alaska can provide added convenience, privacy, and reliability for receiving important legal documents on behalf of your business.
Can a PO Box be used as a registered agent address in Alaska?
No, a valid registered agent address in Alaska must be a physical street address where legal documents can be personally delivered.

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In Conclusion

The Registered Agent is the most important person in an LLC. It can be anyone who fulfills the criteria, however, it is always wise to hire a professional. The biggest advantage of having a professional agent or outsourcing the service is, that you can give your 100% focus on your business.

Choosing a perfect registered agent service is not difficult. You can explore their plans and prices. Also, check their brand name, reputation, and all other features that can be helpful for your business. We strongly recommend ZenBusiness services as they not only offer registered agent services at a reasonable price but also, offer LLC formation at $0. One thing to note while choosing the top registered agent service in Alaska is even if you get a lower price or the most affordable service, make sure to check if that fits your requirements.

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