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If you are looking for a cheap registered agent in oklahoma, you can try Harbor Compliance or Rapid Registered Agent. They accept process service for around $120 and give you a street address, but they don’t charge you for text reminders. While not quite as cheap as Harbor Compliance, Rapid Registered Agent does offer the customer service you get from a larger company. For slightly more money, you can try Rocket Lawyer, which functions as both a statutory service and a source for legal services.

Best Oklahoma Registered AgentBest Oklahoma Registered AgentNorthwest Registered Agent

The customer support at Northwest Registered Agent in oklahoma is top-notch. This company does not outsource its support staff to a generic call center, but rather keeps its team of knowledgeable, experienced employees in-house. In addition, they offer a free year of registered agent service in Oklahoma with the purchase of business formation services. If you need registered agent services in five states, the company will reduce the rate to only $100. Northwest Registered Agent in Oklahoma has an excellent reputation with customers, and they also provide free annual reports reminders for their registered agents.

For a low price of $50 to $300 per year, Northwest is the most cost-effective registered agent in Oklahoma. Northwest also offers superior customer service, a fully functional online account, and business address services. Northwest’s services also offer business advisory services. While their service may be a little more expensive than Harbor Compliance, they offer more features, including business address services and filing date alerts. However, they are not as good as Northwest Registered Agent.

The registered agent service provides many benefits, including a physical street address, the ability to forward mail, legal notices, and compliance alerts, and online account access. They also provide time-sensitive document storage and 24/7 online access. If you are concerned about security, they also provide up to $1 million of identity theft protection. A few of their disadvantages are price-related. However, they are worth the price because of their excellent customer service and competitive pricing.

A registered agent in Oklahoma is required to list the names of the directors of a corporation, as well as their mailing addresses. Northwest can act as a registered agent in Oklahoma. You can find the name of the agent you are interested in using in a search using the Secretary of State’s Search Tool. If you cannot find the name of your registered agent in Oklahoma, you can try using an advanced search feature that allows you to search for their services by entering part of their name.

ZenBusiness offers a top-rated service for Oklahoma llc formation. This service also includes a physical street address in the state. The address is open during business hours and provides service of process. However, it lacks some additional features like compliance alerts. Another great option is Harbor Compliance. For only $50 more, you can get the same services as ZenBusiness and Northwest Registered Agent. You can save on legal fees while using ZenBusiness.

Harbor Compliance

In my opinion, Harbor Compliance is the best oklahoma registered agent because of its excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and innovative technology. Whether you need a street address or llc formation, they will be able to help you. Harbor Compliance’s registered agent names must be consistent with your brand and comply with state calling guidelines. This company covers all 50 states, including Oklahoma. Their specialized service can be used for both legal services and statutory service.

The company offers comprehensive filing services, from nonprofit and business formation to annual business license applications. This isn’t included in traditional registered agent services. In fact, Harbor Compliance has built software specifically for managing registrations. This software includes many filing services, such as license and tax registrations. You can even use it to handle all of your paperwork, including annual reports and tax returns. Their services are not only flexible, but also affordable.

Harbor Compliance has good customer service. Customer support is available through email, phone, and web-based chat. You can also reach their customer service representatives in Spanish. Their support team can help you with all of your oklahoma registered agent needs. Alternatively, you can check their customer reviews on Google, Facebook, and Better Business Bureau. These three websites all have positive feedback about Harbor Compliance. This company is relatively new to the registered agent industry, but it has established a good reputation.

You can also choose between the two top-rated services. ZenBusiness offers a physical Oklahoma street address that’s open during regular business hours. Both companies offer service of process and compliance alerts. ZenBusiness lacks compliance alerts, but they are an excellent option if you want to register your llc and avoid costly legal pitfalls. Harbor Compliance’s price for registered agents in Oklahoma is just $99 a year, and it offers everything that ZenBusiness does for $50 more.

Despite the fact that Harbor Compliance offers a number of additional benefits, a large percentage of its customers have high-quality reviews. This company also offers a number of discounts for multi-state registrations. Its rates aren’t the cheapest, but they do provide a full-service registered agent service, which is a necessity for small businesses. Just make sure that you can afford their prices.


If you’re considering using a registered agent in Oklahoma, consider Zen Business. They offer a free service in Oklahoma with their online LLC formation package. While they only charge a one-time $39 fee, they offer several useful features. For example, the service will give you an Oklahoma street address that you can use for service of process and other important business documents. The registered agent will also receive service of process from the Oklahoma Secretary of State.

They have a variety of packages, starting from a basic service that costs just $39, to a package that includes a full year of registered agent service. For instance, they offer an online account that allows you to view documents and track their delivery. They also offer a virtual mailbox service that scans mail and forwards it electronically to you. They also receive service of process for small businesses in Oklahoma City. As an entrepreneur, ZenBusiness is a great registered agent service to consider.

Another option is a national business that offers streamlined solutions. These companies specialize in ensuring that the documents you need are delivered promptly. The national business has the advantage of avoiding the paperwork headaches associated with local registered agents. As long as the registered agent service is located in Oklahoma, you’ll be protected from a multitude of legal issues. If you’re in Oklahoma, you’ll also be protected against identity theft and other fraud.

The company has an outstanding reputation online. There are thousands of reviews from satisfied customers. Their customer service is also top notch, and many of these reviews are four or five stars. This should be enough to make a decision on the company. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, start searching for a registered agent today. The benefits of ZenBusiness’s services can’t be denied. If you’re considering a registered agent, read these reviews and compare prices.

Other services provided by ZenBusiness include a physical street address in Oklahoma. Additionally, the registered agent service offers mail forwarding, document scanning, and uploading. It also offers compliance alerts. If you’re concerned about security risks, the registered agent service comes with $1 million in identity theft insurance. Another feature of the premium service is privacy protection against hackers. If you’re forming an llc in oklahoma, ZenBusiness has many great options to choose from.


If you’re starting a business in Oklahoma, you’ll probably need a registered agent. It is not always easy to determine who should serve as your registered agent. It’s recommended that you hire a professional, but some businesses are satisfied with their local registered agent. Here’s a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of hiring an agent in Oklahoma. It’s best to choose an agent based on how responsive he or she is to customer service requests.

You’ll also need a physical address for your Registered Agent. This person will be the person who receives official documents and correspondence from the state. They should be at least eighteen years of age. In addition, the agent should be legally permitted to do business in Oklahoma. Remember that not having a registered agent in Oklahoma can have serious consequences. You should never assume that the person you’ve chosen will be available when you need them to be.

If you choose to file by mail, remember that your documents will take ten business days to arrive. You’ll need to store them properly and keep them safe until they arrive. Your articles of organization are an official proof that your business is approved. If you need to conduct business in another state, you will need a foreign qualified LLC. In Oklahoma, a foreign qualified LLC means that it has been granted permission to conduct business in the state.

In addition to being a trusted point of contact for government agencies, your oklahoma registered agent will be the person that receives important documents on behalf of your company. Important documents may include tax notices, government correspondence, and service of process. The Oklahoma Secretary of State has rules about who can be a registered agent and you can find out more about them later in this guide. In the meantime, be sure to choose a trusted registered agent during the formation stage of your company. If you’re not comfortable with your Oklahoma registered agent, consider using an online service.

As with any other service, Incfile has a range of price plans that are suitable for all budgets. Most packages start at under $100 and go up to $299 for all services, including state fees. Some people choose to pay just the state fee. They can pay separately for additional services. It’s also worth noting that you can create an LLC for free. If you’re not sure what type of company you’re looking for, you can try free trial versions of several services.

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